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  The walkthrough, an ever trusted guide for the thief whose down on his luck, confused by obfuscation, or just plain frustrated by the sheer size of some dwellings and their quick with the sword inhabitants.

  Note that a walkthrough is just that, a document for helping you to complete the mission and all its assorted tasks. It doesn't cover every aspect of the level, such as secrets. Also, given the great depth of the missions, all of the loot to be plundered may not be documented as well save what is needed to complete the mission. Please, do not feel that these walkthroughs are ment to encompass everything as they do not.

  Speaking of which, all walthroughs are written using the Expert difficulty setting. Using a lower difficulty usually results in fewer objectives though some mission will actually play differently in terms of the number of guards and their patrol paths.

Thief: Deadly Shadows

Cry, Brethren, for the Betrayer is Come. Your Hands will be Crippled, and you will Perish as the Wretched Outcasat in the Bleak Unwritten. And you will know the face of the Destroyer.
- Recovered text from The Prophecitus, missing for 132 years

1. Checking Inn - Cashing Out 2. End of the Bloodline
3. The City - Day One 4. St. Edgar's Eve / City Day Two
5. Pagan Sanctuary / City Day Three 6. Keeper's Library
7. The Docks / The Abysmal Gale 8. House of the Widow Moira
9. Docks Pt. 2 / Pavelock Prison 10. Sunken Citadel
11. Killing Time 12. Old Quarter
13. Of Brethren...And Betrayers 14. Auldale
15. Robbing The Cradle 16. The Lair Of The Hag
17. Still Life With Blackjack 18. Endgame

Thief II: The Metal Age

He Poured His Children's Eyes From Glass And From Steel Wrought Their Hands That None Could Escape His Judgement.
-- The New Scripture of the Master Builder

1. Running Interference 2. Shipping... and Receiving
3. Framed 4. Ambush!
5. Eavesdropping 6. First City Bank and Trust
7. Blackmail 8. Trace the Courier
9. Trail of Blood 10. Life of the Party
11. Precious Cargo 12. Kidnap
13. Casing the Joint 14. Masks
15. Sabotage at Soulforge  
The Unwelcome Guest (Thief 2 Alpha Demo)
With the release of the v1.18 patch for Thief II some things have changed. All walkthroughs will be written assuming you have the patch installed.

Thief: Gold and Thief: The Dark Project

Ye Shall Not Rob From The House I Have Built, Or Commit Any Theft Or UnRighteousness, Lest Ye Be Struck Down And Driven Into The Earth Forthwith, And The Land Of The Heathen Consume You.
- - The Book of the Stone

A Keeper's Training (Training Mission)

1. Lord Bafford's Manor 2. Break From Cragscleft Prison
3. Down in the Bonehoard 4. Assassins
5. Thieves' Guild (Gold Only) 6. The Sword
7. The Haunted Cathedral 8. The Mage Towers (Gold Only)
9. The Lost City (Gold) 9. The Lost City (Dark Project)
10. Song of the Caverns (Gold Only) 11. Undercover
12. Return to the Cathedral 13. Escape!
14. Strange Bedfellows 15. Into the Maw of Chaos
16. Blooper Reel (Gold Only)