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The House of the Widow Moira

Rich, Crazy, Widow Seeks Stealthy, Anti-Hero For LTR



  • Find a way ito the Overlook Mansion
  • Find and steal the golden slab known as the Compendium of Reproach
  • Steal at least 90% of the loot (EXPERT)
  • Find at least 3 special loot items. (EXPERT)
  • Leave the Overlook Manse grounds.

Required Equipment:

  • None

    ake the lift up. Wait for thug to turn around then run ahead and club him. Keep going until you hear the two thugs talking. When one gets up club him before he gets up the stairs. Sneak behind the other one and claim the flashbomb from the chest. Grab the two copper coin stacks from the table (total: 3%). Go up the stairs. A few broadheads lay on the table. Head out and around to the front of the mansion.

Just above the tree, to the right of those boxes, you can see the glow of a person holding a candle. This is your destination.


    Now, you could attempt to enter through the front door past the two thugs but that wouldn't be right. Instead, you need to dash south when the patrolling thug is looking the other way. Get past the tree and climb up that wall. Once you're over the top sneak up to the doors then pull back when the servants start chatting. Once finished enter and stay to the left in the shadows. Blackjack the guy that remains. Grab the coin purse from the table and exit. Enter the bathroom through the door on your right. Not much here but if you look on the table near the tub you'll find a diamond ring (total: 7%). Exit out the north door with care, a thug may stand right outside. Snuff the candles on your right and then snuff him. Go north through the door he was guarding. Make sure the guest you find here is handled proper. Look west. Read the book on the table then open the trapdoor in the floor beneath the picture. The chest in this forgotten room has a gold nugget. Look around and you might find the third entrance to this mansion. East of the fireplace in the shadows is a chest containing a ruby necklace. Exit north. Collect the two copper bowls from the bookshelf, a diamond goblet from the fireplace mantle and a diamond ring on the table next to the sleeping servant. Exit north. Get those candles on your right. See that swirling mist, remember this spot we'll be back here later. Wait for the guard then jack him. Enter the room north of the sleeping servant. Read the book on the desk. Yup, that's about it. Exit west. Before going downstairs get that fine painting in the northwest corner. Also, spend some quality time with the chest, it contains a ruby necklace (total: 28%). Now, its down the stairs.

Does my shadow make me look fat?


    Extinguish the candles and the female servant. You might also have to handle a male thug. Wait for him to leave before you do anything. Get the gold urn from the table and the two silver candlesticks from above the fireplace. Oh, and that diamond goblet from the couch in front of the fireplace. Now, hide somewhere and wait for the male thug to appear. Knock him out. Exit south. You'll have two thugs to handle. This is the front door to the mansion is so its the most heavily guarded. Stand in the shadows by the open door. When its clear sneak off to the shadows on your left. Wait. Club the thug that appears. Now go back for his friend. Its safe to run on the carpet. If you have to resort to other methods try to avoid violence. Remember, two thugs are standing just outside. Now, grab that fine portrait from the north wall (total: 42%). Slip west to find a note on a table. The double doors here lead outside. Continue south into the next room. Club the stationary thug if he's standing. Get the fine portrait from the wall behind him. If you don't find a thug here he may be patrolling in the library to the west. Head west. Get the unique Lucky Coin (total: 47%) from the table. Run all the way back up stairs to where you saw the swirling mist. Its near the quarters of the sleeping servant. Don't use the swirling mist on the first floor. Like the front door, its a heavy traffic area.


Widow Moira's Rubber Room Of Fun

    First order of business is that thug right in front of you. He patrols in and out of the doorway. Time your approach carefully as a second thug patrols the Rotunda intersecting the patrol path of the thug you're going after. Once he's done nab that other one when he passes.

Heh, its always on these dark and stormy nights you think someone is about to get you just when the lighting flashes.


    You can overhear two conversations from up here. Return to your start point and open the doors to the north. These doors are equipped with silver locks. So in addition to the hotspots that are north, south, east, and west on the lock rings, you'll also need to try the spaces in between. Once inside read the book on the table. The viktrola it mentions is next to the fireplace. Play it. While its playing open the chest by the bed to get the diamond necklace. In the bathroom to the east, get the unique Widow's Mirror (total: 52%).

New Objective:

  • Use the hidden switch in the study. Then get to the North Gallery before the secret door closes. The North Gallery is on the first floor of the Overlook Proper, directly below the Master Bedroom.

    Return to the Rotunda heading southwest. Snag that large fine portrait from the wall (total: 57%). When you reach the doorway wait for the thug to pass. Clobber him. Sneak east and hang a left until you hear the guests. Extinguish those candles. Blackjack the servant when she leaves. Back track a few steps and enter the door to the south. Blackjack muh-lady. The chest at the foot of the bed contains a ruby ring (total: 59%). A nearby bookcase has an oil flask. Exit north and jack muh-lord. Continue north up the spiral staircase. Stand in front of Widow Moria and listen to her. Get the key from the table. Run back down the steps.

    Run west to the staircases and take the first one down into the shadows. Check to see if the way is clear then dash west to grab the copper urn. At the bottom of the stairs a female servant and thug patrol. Make sure they are clear before going down and snuffing the candles on your left. The woman will use the side hall, take her there. When the thug returns take care of him. On either side of the steps you came down you'll find metal grates. Pop one open and look behind the stairs for a gold nugget (total: 65%). Follow the crawl area east into the Captain's Room. Grab the silver coins from the desk and read the book. Pick open the chest and take the diamond ring and health potion from it. Pick open one of the double-doors and stroll north into the dinning room. Knock out the servant and drag her off to one side. Make some noise to get the guard out of his chair if he hasn't already. He'll eventually return to a stationary position by the table. Nab 'em.

Pardon me, my lord, but I'm 'fraid I've gone silly and need a bit of a lie down.


    Get the copper candlestick from the fireplace mantle and the ruby and jade goblets from the dining room table (total: 73%). Exit north. Club the cook. In the active stove you'll find a fire arrow. Atop the shelves opposite the table with the book on it you'll find a ruby goblet. On another table you'll find two bottles of wine. For some additional dialog you can take one up to the Widow Moira and drop it at her feet. Return to the dining room, head west, then make a right into the Rotunda. Walk northeast to the table. Steal the unique Nereid Telescope and continue to the other side of the Rotunda. Club the patrolling guard. Open the double-doors and club the stationary guard inside. Pick open the chest for a ruby goblet (total: 88%). This room is the North Gallery. On the east wall is an empty set of shelves with a loud noise coming from behind. Hint? Now, return to the Captain's Room and find his desk. On the underside of his desk is a button. Press it and come running back here. Dash through the secret entrance and take the lift down. Proceed through the door and take the Compendium of Reproach. Read the book. Pick open the chest. Take the loot (total: 100%). Sorry folks, on expert level there's no room for sympathy. Use the other door to exit. Flip the switch to open the rock door. Take a left and return to your rowboat.

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