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Docks Pt. 2 / Pavelock Prison

If You're Swarthy And Ya Know It Stomp Your Feet

    efore you head back into the City try exploring the Forbidden Library again. Some of the loot has returned and you'll get to overhear a new conversation. When you make it to the last room the little girl will be there patrolling. Leave Garrett's room and proceed to the pair of Keepers to the northwest. Listen in. Run northeast and then exit north to the City. Work your way back to South Quarter. When you first enter South Quarter you'll pass under a bridge of sorts. Spin around and climb up to claim a gas arrow. A series of holes will drop you back down safely. Check up in Black Alley for goods and sells. Now that you have the climbing gloves you can try to get there via a Thieve's Highway. See the picture below.

Just climb right up the middle here. Its quick and painless. Coming back down can be tricky. Try to land on the wooden support beams that stick out rather than hitting the ground. You can see the beams supporting the second floor on the right.


    Climb up the brick wall to the top. Go through the attic nabbing some loot. Check the chest for a gas bomb and flashbomb. Pop out the other end and you'll be in Black Alley. Proceed back to the docks when you're ready. Visit Dolly to sell your artworks. Get that gas arrow that hangs just outside of her shop. See the Pagans but sneak in and plant the sapling. As you enter the main area look at the circle of green glowing stones. When you're close enough to highlight it press your use key. This should make them neutral or ally. If they are still neutral exit with care until they are allied with you. As you leave don't forget to fire an arrow into the arches if you need better Pagan faction alignment. Also, grab the two moss arrows you can find here.

    Return to the dock entrance. Sneak south and keep looking on your right for an opening. It will be on the other side of a box. This leads to the Sunken Citadel but don't go there just yet. Continue south but slide to the right to stay in the shadows. Slide forward a bit and you can here another exciting episode of "Benny's Ailment". From here visit the nearby store to stock up on goods if you need them. Now you can either proceed to the Sunken Citadel or run directly towards the guards and let them kill you. Yes, you heard me. Or, just dump into the water for a quick death. If you really don't want to play the prison level just continue on to the Sunken Citadel.


Pavelock Prison - The Friends You Make Here Last Forever

New Objectives:

  • Break out of your cell.
  • Your equipment is locked up in the Confiscation Depository, south of your cell. Get it back.
  • Escape from Pavelock Prison.

    This mini-mission isn't too hard. Let the guards taunt you. When the second one appears pick his pocket for the keys to your cell. Wait for him to leave. Unlock the cell across from you to create a distraction. Sneak south. Grab the key from the shelf on your left. A switch on the south wall will shutoff the electric lights in this room. Unlock the evidence room and get your stuff back. In fact, while you're here. Unlock the safe and get all the stuff. Check the nearby locked chest for goodies. The small crawl spaces to the west eventually lead to a health potion but nothing else. You might want to club the guard in this room. He has a key. Leave north. Club the remaining guard. Continue to the locked door. Pick it open. Club the one guard. Grab whatever goods you can find. Continue west until you reach the next locked door. Listen to the guard chat a bit. Get that door open and smack that guard. Go west to the next door and repeat. This bigger room has two guards in it and a few items here and there. Climb the ladder on your left. Drop off the other end by the portcullis. The lever on your left, just out of reach, opens it. Sneak through and use the lever on the other side to close it. The next man you encounter patrolling the stairs is the warden. Say "hi" to him. Reach the top of the stairs and look around. A flashbomb, water arrow, and loot can be found.

You can create a little poetic justice by locking the guards up in their own cells.

    Climb the stairs in the southeast corner or the ladder in the northeast. Deal with the patrolling guard. Make some noise outside the guard station to get his friend to come out then smack him. Inside his cozy room is some loot and a locked chest containing a flashbomb and more loot. Head south and either use the stairs to reach the exit or crawl west to find a ladder. Either way just make sure you don't get killed again. This time it will be permanent. If you use the ladder to exit you may need to back up a bit right away when entering the city. Otherwise, the first guard that strolls past will see you. Go back to the docks. Again, a guard may be waiting on the other side so take care. Use your flashbombs, let him search and only when he returns to normal do you proceed. Sneak south and look on your right for a passage behind a box. Follow it. Grab the water arrow and enter the Sunken Citadel.

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