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Old Quarter

    tart by collecting any items and selling off your loot. If you sneak west past the fire and climb the last wall on your right a gas arrow awaits. Get back to Stonemarket Plaza and enter the Keeper Library.


Living In The Thieve's Paradise


  • Get to your fence here in Old Quarter to see if he can help you before you are killed by the Keeper Assassins. Ramien's place is to the East.

    If all looks strange it because this is the Old Quarter, a new section of the city. The Keeper Enforcers in some respects are not much smarter than other guards you've encountered. However, they are quiet, twitchy, deadly once provoked, and sometimes hard to pinpoint since their voices sound like they come from inside your head.

Someday, I'll be able to afford a rag so I don't have to use my hand to wipe the bar top.


    Two Enforcers will emerge nearby. I'd suggest using a gas arrow to take them both out quickly. Try using the Keeper Glyph on your right. Hmmm. Stroll east with care deeper into Old Quarter. You'll pass an Enforcer on your left. Leave him/it alone. Where you hear water you may get some combat. Thankfully everyone hates the Enforcers and if you've allied the Hammers they will leave you alone. A bar on the left is worth looking into. A bin by the bar has a health potion and the locked room upstairs has some goods. Continue east. As the red hand appears on your right look northwest for a door. Inside read the book then get the flashbomb and vintage wine. Leave and sneak north to overhear the guard conversation. The cart has two silver plates. The door behind the cart leads to an equipment dealer. Look above and you'll notice a wooden plank running along above you. Climb the wall with the torch on it. Drop atop the wooden outcrop and follow it south. Get the gas arrow on the way. Keep going all the way to the red hand door. Open it up.

New Objectives:

  • Search for clues in your fence's shop about what you should do next.

    Get the fire arrow from the fireplace, oil flask from the mantle, and the flashbomb from the shelf. A few broadheads lay on the table. Towards the back you can clean out the shelves of a noisemaker arrow, explosive mine, gas bomb, and two flashbombs. The important thing is the note atop one of the shelves.

New Objectives:

  • Go to your building in South Quarter, as instructed by the mysterious note. After you enter your building, search around for clues about what's going on.

    Leave. Sneak down the steps. You can either enter the docks by heading east. Hang a right and watch out for the Enforcer. Or, go back past the bar. Make a right to enter Stonemarket Plaza. With luck, someone has killed the Enforcer guarding this exit. There are still some things to do in Old Quarter but they will have to wait.

What the #%$& did he do to that poor guard? OH $%^#!!! Hi, Garrett. Nice night, eh? Gotta run.


    The docks make a nice spot. Two gas arrows to be claimed. When you reach the pagan area toss a noisemaker behind the Enforcer. Enjoy the fight. Don't forget, the fountain in the pagan area restores your health. Upon reaching Garrett's pad dispatch the Enforcer snooping around. Keep going until you're in the practice room. Read the note on the table.

New Objectives:

  • Meet with the mysterious note writers in the Graveyard in Old Quarter.

    Do as the note says. Remember you can use the Thieve's Highway for a quick and painless route. The "unusual" thing you're looking for is the swirling mist at the end. Enter. Head west and make a right.

New Objectives:

  • Return to the Keeper Library in Stonemarket Plaza, then find the secret tunnel which leads to the Keeper Compound.

    Go back to where you appeared and climb up the wall to the northeast. This is Fort Ironhood. I hope you've allied with the Hammers by now. Run north. Make a right and listen to the Hammer conversation. Just beyond them is a shrine with holy water for the taking. Go back heading south. The double metal doors you pass lead to fun, fun, and more fun but we'll save that for later. Down the steps and keep turning left until you can read the note on the table. If you approach the woman by her beloved she may speak. Leave Fort Ironhood out the front door. To complete this little mission return to the bottom of the stairs you took to reach your fence. The one that's dead. Sneak east hugging the left. Take the ramp down to the sewers. Here bes a shaman. Read his book. Go back to Fort Ironhood. Find you way back to where you were before, when you met with the Keepers. Zombies will be here now but that's alright. From the ledge look down and right. Behind the pillar below you is the marker. Moss it up. Now, return to the shaman. He'll be gone but get his necromancer's wand. Return to Fort Ironhood. A note on the table behind the main altar explains the sequence of events. If you visit the graveyard the empty grave is filled and a bit of loot available for the taking. You can find other things laying around. Once you're ready return to Stonemarket Plaza. Go to the Keeper's entrance. You'll have to deal with some Enforcers, just flashbomb a few to keep going. Obviously when you reach the glyph it won't work. Look UP. Climb up there and sneak in.

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