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The Docks / The Abysmal Gale

The Docks - They're Full Of Seamen


    ot unlike when you first entered the City, there are few things to look at before hoping off on another mission. Right in front of you, where you start, is a rickety wooden balcony. Its possible to get up there. Open the door and grab some loot, you'll also find a paper which makes passing reference to a mission from Thief 2. When you leave make sure you don't tip off the City Watch guard who patrols between the docks, here, and a spot northwest of here.

    Head east. Whenever you see a fire lit light run up and try to use it. Many of them have fire arrows that you can take. The door on your right is another fence. This one will finally help you offload all the expensive artwork you've collected over the last few missions. Continue east but be sneak about it so you can listen to the Pagans chat. Down by the grate on your left you'll find a water arrow. Wandering about here is yet another rust mite. When the Pagans finish chatting wait until the male leaves then sneak up and read the note on the wall. Don't harm the Pagans, don't even blackjack them. Now that you have been upgraded, start by sneaking north (hugging the east wall) until you can see the funny shrine thing that looks like two leafless trees bent into an arch. This is the elemental cocoon spoken of in the letter. Shoot a moss arrow into it. Near this area you can scavenge two moss arrows from the grass. At this point you can have fun exploring the Pagan area to the west but other things need to be done. Stroll back west to where you started.

Its this funny corner brick with a beetle engraved on it. THIS is what you're looking to shoot moss arrows at, NOT the glowing symbol by the Pagan area. That's just Keeper glyphs.


    Need some areas to moss up to get in good with the Pagans?


  • A bit east of where you start, where the steps start, on your left.
  • By the docks, inside the L shaped passage on your left when you cross the metal grate.
  • When you first see the bar enrance, on the wall on your right.

South Quarter:

  • South of the entrance to Stonemarket Plaza, its on the corner where you overheard Lady Elizabeth's conversation with her men.

Stonemarket Plaza:

  • North of where you enter Stonemarket Plaza from South Quarter, the corner of the last building on your right.
  • Just south of the entrance to Stonemarket Proper, behind the tree and grass.

    Proceed south using the nooks on your left and right for cover. Visit the store at the end. Buy the climbing gloves. You'll find these very very useful, in fact, we'll need them for the next mission. When you leave the store, look up and to the left. In the distance, next to one of the round windows is a greenish glow. To climb just run towards the wall then press the jump key. If the surface permits you'll be stuck on the wall like some kind of superhero. Climb up there and grab the gas arrow. Throughout the city look up and around for these critters. They are very useful and free. Press the jump key to release. From the store front, sneak east and listen to the two guards. Hide in the side passage on your left. One should eventually head towards you when they finish. Knock him out and then his friend. Get that sapling from atop the crates if you like side quests. If you head east down the north end you'll find another rust mite. Take the first exit south to the other part of the docks. Grab that water arrow while the guards chat. Hug the wall on your right until the guard patrols give you an opening to the west. You'll know this when one strolls to the end of the dock while the other heads east. Dash west and jump onto that ladder. Climb it. Make a left. Mantle the pipe. If you shoot the rust mite make sure you have some distance so the guards below don't see you. Follow the pipe to the other end. Open the storm shutters and collect the goods inside the chest. Leave through the door snagging the loot on your left. Go down the stairs to the bar area.

Excuse me, barkeep? Is my butt twinkling with that "new wench" glow?

    You'll find some loot in the back room, on the patron, by the fireplace (along with a fire arrow) and some reading material on the table. You could burn the sapling in the fire place but that'll just make it hard to get the Pagans on your side. Clubbing the bartender and patron might be a good idea. Exit the bar. I'd suggest picking open the door by the stairs. Wall hug here for a bit. You can use this time to club the guard that strolls by. At this point, you only have the one guard and civilian around, might as well clear them out to make this dock area safe. You'll find some extra loot atop the box where that last guard patrolled. Run east down the dock to the ship and board it. If needed, go back to the equipment store and stock up on flashbombs and fire arrows.


The Abysmal Gale - Have You Seen Our Poop Deck?


  • Get to the cargo hold down below, then find and read the Ship's Manifest for clues about the Compendium of Reproach.

Required Equipment:

  • 5 Flashbombs

    Though it might seem like a mission its not. There are no loot requirements and only one goal to complete. Grab the holy water on your right. Now, when dealing with the undead the best methods all begin by NOT being noticed. In other words, stay stealthy. Once you've got that part down you can use a fire arrow, a vial of holy water, or my favorite a flashbomb. The holy water works more like a landmine. Toss it on an area the undead will walk over and then enjoy the show. Should the first arrow/bomb fail a second will always finish the job.

    Start things off by flashbombing the critter in front you. Move a bit south and grab the copper candlestick on your lift. More south some more and get the holy water on your right. South some more and get the ring and health potion on your left. Walk when you do this to minimize the noise and don't step on the dead bodies. They may get up and chase after you.

No one got much sleep during the development of Thief: Deadly Shadows. Even the zombies yawn from lack of sleep.


    Exit west and keep going up the steps. Hang a right and proceed to the Captain's Quarters. Flashbomb the zombie here and look around. The locked chest has a few pieces of loot. The nearby remains of the Captain's Study has a log book. Leave. Head to the south end turn east to switch the main hall. At the end make a left and go downstairs. Flashbomb the zombie down there. Head all the way to the end and open the last door on your right. Grab the loot from the chest. Directly across from the room you'll find a hole to the deck below. Climb down and you'll find a vial of holy water and some loot amongst the wreckage blocking the door. Return to the main hall and head south. Take the next door on your left and drop through the hole to the deck below. On the north and south ends of this room are chests with goodies. You'll also have to deal with the zombie who likely heard you drop in. Just be quiet until he gives up then flashbomb him. Enter the hall to the east. Flashbomb that remaining zombie to the south. Scoot north and grab the holy water on your right. Continue south to the end, through the door. Keep turning right until you find a box with a note on it. Read the note.

New Objectives:

  • Find a boat in the Docks and take it to Captain Moira's seaside mansion to steal the Compendium of Reproach.

    Exit south to the other side and climb the ladder to get out. Return to the dock area where you nabbed the sapling and look for the rowboat. Its pretty easy to spot since it has a glowing blue glyph hovering over it. Oh, and watch out for the new guard who just started patrolling here about a minute ago.

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