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Of Brethren...and Betrayers

    ou still have to work your way up to Keeper Orland's office. Drop down and crouch your way southwest along the wall. Wait by the exit for the Keeper to appear. Stay crouched and pursue him when he leaves. Upon reaching carpet deck him. Enter the lift. Climb the ladder up and run straight ahead all the way to Keeper Orland's office. Take a moment to read the note on his desk. Use the glyph over the grate in the corner to continue.


With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemas


  • Search Orland's quarters on the top floor for information that might implicate him.
  • Search Artemus's quarters in the dormitory for a clue to his whereabouts.
  • Lastly, visit Caduca's murder site in the Lower Libraries to investigate the cause of her death.
  • Steal at least 90% of the loot (EXPERT).
  • Find at least 3 special loot items (EXPERT).
  • When all your objectives are complete, leave the Keeper Compound through the Old Quarter Passage in the Lower Libraries.

Required Equipment:

  • None

    Open the grate. Listen to the two Keepers speak. Both of them have some say in the up coming votes. Best wait until they've settled in so let them leave. Read the book if you get bored. Get the two fire arrows from the blue flames. The two locked doors lead to the Keeper Council Room which we'll visit in a moment. Now head up the steps where the Keepers went. At the first landing you'll find the female Keeper. Leave her be for now. Continue up to the next floor. Wait for the guard to walk away on his patrol. Club the man. The male Keeper is up here but leave him alone as well. Keep going and get the fine portrait and golden bell (total: 6%). Have a look in the book. Now, sneak up behind the male Keeper and listen up. Let him speak but make sure when the time to vote comes that he cannot participate. Go down a floor and listen to what the female Keeper has to say. Make sure she doesn't get a vote.

Now, on this next issue your vote is... eww, wrong answer. *thump*


    Gently step forward past the edge and drop onto the plate the statue holds up. Drop down beside the statue and get the silver bowl underneath it. Move southeast behind the gargoyle statue. Drop onto the door arch and then the floor. Pull back into the shadows. Get the Keeper when he turns his back. Sneak west and get the one by the statue. Take either passage, they'll lead to the Elder's Library. Wait for the guard then run up behind him. Make sure you're on the carpet when you're running. Sneak south and get that unique Imbris Analects from the table. A note explains why its there. Mantle that south wall and climb over the glyph. Once high enough, get the unique Golden Scales (total: 21%). Go west and make a left up the stairs. One guard patrols between the two sides of the library. He has a torch so watch out for him. If you wait, nab him when he's walking back to the Scribe Room. Turn around. Sneak north. Crouch and move forward until the Keepers speak. Pull back and blackjack the woman when she leaves. Wait for the other Keeper to come back. Nab him when turns. Resume heading north. Enter the Dining Hall on the left. Wait for the guard to reach the south end where you are. As he turns to leave knock him out. On the dining room table read the notes then get the unique Imbris Analects, a two ruby goblets, and a copper candlestick. Grab the fine portrait hanging over the fireplace (total: 31%). Run to the northwest corner and climb the stairs. You'll need to knock out the Keeper. Go back to the stairs. Hug the right ledge and move forward over the stairs. On the barrels you'll find some broadheads. Go back downstairs and leave. Run south to the Scribe Room.

*psst* Jake? What did you put down for question #4?


    If needed, club the scribes. The one sitting can be made to roam by jumping on the floor. On your right, atop the bookcase, is a silver candlestick. Sneak east then look in the southeast corner for another silver candlestick. Exit north. On your right read the note then get the silver coin stack and golden bell (total: 37%). Sneak north through the passage, not the stairs. Enter the Dormitory on your right. Extinguish the candle on the table. Look at the book and take the silver candlestick. When the conversation ends the man will leave out the door. Get him. Then go knockout his friend by the weird music statue. On the west wall, beneath the torch, open the chest and take the moss arrow, two gold coin stacks, and handful of gems. Open the door left of the weird music statue. Leaf through the book on the table. Open the chest by his bed. Remove from it three jades and the Keeper Ring. Its in the upper left corner of the chest. Leave. Run up the steps on your left. Go all the way south and you'll find a note on the desk. Keep running around to the other end. On one side of the bookcase, in the middle, you'll find some broadheads. On your way back to the stairs you'll pass an open area between two statues. In the darkness (knot up a fire arrow if you need a light) on the right side, is a circular lock. Use it (if it doesn't work you didn't get the Keeper Ring from Artemus's quarters). Up the steps then go on into Orland's room. Read the book on his desk.

New Objective:

  • To make the Keeper Door Glyphs usable again, destroy the binding seal in Orland's quarters.

    Now get the silver candlestick from the table. Inside the chest are two diamonds and a silver goblet (total: 60%). On the south wall by the bed is the Door Glyph Seal, a note beneath it says more. Pick it up and leave Orland's room. Drop it for a second and continue north to the Keeper Council Room. Make a right and stay on the ledge. In the second opening is a chest containing a handful of gems and a pile of gold coins (total: 65%). Return and pick up the seal. Exit west (the circular lock is on the right) and toss the seal into the fireplace in the Dining Room. Leave. Go back to the Elder's Library. On the south wall you can use the glyph now to reach the Lower Libraries.

I would like to make a motion for adjournment to establish a committee on the regret minimization framework for the.. the... I have no idea what I'm saying.



Between A Rock And A Painful Place

    All should be nice and quiet. Time for a quick pick up. Run east. Turn south and enter the Hall of Statues. In the southwest corner, a chest contains a handful of gems, and a pile of gold coins. Southeast corner has some boxes. Atop them are broadheads. Exit through the north door. On the table, take the copper bowl. Proceed through the east door. On your left, get the gold candlestick and gold plate from the table. A nearby chest has a pile of gold coins (total: 78%). In the southeast corner, get the gold statuette from the bookshelf. Turn around and grab the rare book from atop the large book on the shelf opposite the torch. Above you is the glyph to leave but its not the right time. Leave the room and run west all the way back to your starting point. Continue west to Caduca's Chambers. Approach Caduca and read the book on the table. Take the gold goblet. In the chambers to the south take the following: two jade goblets on the shelf behind the statue, a golden dagger, pile of gold coins, and a diamond tiara (its there, keep pressing your use button until you have it) from the chest, and a coin purse atop the bookshelf (total: 94%). Read the book then enter the other chambers on the north end. From here take the silver candlestick from beside the bed, the jade ring from the bookshelf next to it, a silver candlestick and gold goblet on the table, and a silver candlestick from underneath it (total: 100%). You should probably read the note in the gargoyles mouth.

Marrett? My mav a meffage more moo. Maht? Mop maffing, mits mot munny.


New Objectives:

  • Go to the Hall of Statues to meet whoever left you the note.

    Go back to the Hall of Statues. Close all doors behind you. Things get a bit interesting now. Dealing with living statues is not unlike other enemies you've faced except that the blackjack, gas arrow, and gas bombs are useless. Broadhead arrows and the dagger don't do much good either. Fire arrows are useful but it takes several to bring ONE statue down. Thankfully, flashbombs still work. To escape you need to reach the glyph in the small library. Quickly run down the steps, spin around and run past the rail. Jump onto the wall and climb up. Slide to one side and drop atop the small ledge. Walk north to the end. Your next step is to drop down, leave out the north door, and enter the small library to the east. Either use your fire arrows, explosive mines, and whatnot to destroy the statues before moving or flashbomb your way there. If you wait long enough the statues will forget you. It is possible to sneak just make sure you keep closing doors behind you. Once you reach the small library mantle that bookshelf in front of you. Jump to the next. Now jump to the railing. Press your mantle button when you hit the railing to climb over. If it doesn't work there are some steps in the northwest corner. Don't get caught by the statue. Use the glyph and your done.


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