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Killing Time

    irst stop, the Forbidden Library. Just use the normal entrance. Its the east door off the room where you got the door glyph. When you return to the city sell your goods, stock up on the freebies (water, moss, gas arrows) throughout the city. If you happen to be near Garrett's apartment you'll find a thug looking for you. A note on a bench near opposite the apartment entrance has some details. When you're ready to enter the Clocktower you could try the normal entrance. Aside from a possible guard conversation you won't be able to enter. Instead, return to the gargoyle statue in Stonemarket Plaza. Head east. When you look up and see the vents pouring out steam you should also see a glyph. Climb up, drop onto the pipe, then crossover to enter the Clocktower.


Hickory, Dickory, Dock. The Thief Ran Up The Clock


  • Locate a mechanical plan of the clockworks.
  • Reach the basement of the Clocktower, where the furnace is.
  • Steal at least 90% of the loot. (EXPERT)
  • Find at least 3 special loot items. (EXPERT)
  • When all your other objectives are complete, sabotage the clockworks in the furnace room to stop the clock.

Required Equipment:

  • 1 Gas Arrow
  • 1 Noisemaker Arrow

    Nothing here. Get down the ladder. When you reach the pendulum room look for a chest on your right. Take the silver statuette from it. Dash west and hug the wall. Take the first guard as he walks east. Go north. Hide in the shadows until you can nab guard two. For the adventurous, climb down in front of the clockface. You'll find some holy water there. In the northwest corner, climb the wall to get the unique Diamond Gear (total: 18%). Climb down that ladder to the northeast. Before you do, consider reading the letter to the right of it. Creep across the metal and take the next ladder down. Club the Hammer on patrol. Stroll south and read the book on the desk. Now take the map, gold candlestick, gold goblet, a unique Bottle of Father Debole's Solace and from the chest a health potion and coin purse (total: 32%). Hop out the east opening. A free moss arrow lays on the floor. Carefully open the door heading west. Should probably club the Hammer in here.

I bet if I hit it hard enough candy comes out.


    Working clockwise around the room we have, a note on table, an explosive mine, a silver goblet atop a shelf, a silver spoon and fork, a chest with an oil flask and silver comb, a chest struck with a few broadheads containing a coin purse, an empty chest, a chest with a pile of copper coins, atop the bunk a pile of copper coins, and back in the darkness a chest with holy water and a coin purse. Before leaving, get the coin purse the worker was carrying (total: 48%). Crawl out that west opening and fall from the metal scaffold. Crouch while going down the metal stairs. Keep looking east for one of the two guards down here. When the one guard heads to the other side nab 'em. Take a look at the note on the table. Sneak north to get his friend. Open the chest in the southeast corner to get the two copper candlesticks and explosive mine from it. In the northwest corner open the grate by the lift. Crawl in and look right for a gold bracelet. Opposite the grate on the east end, open the door. In the northeast corner grab the silver coins and copper urn from the chest (total: 62%). Take the lift by the grate down. Though the Hammer Priests have positions overlooking the room they generally don't see very much. Get down to the floor, don't worry about noise. You'll find a fire arrow in the torch on the north wall. A water arrow hides inside a steam emitting vent. This next piece of loot is just cruel. Scale the southeast side of the tower like structure in the middle. Slide a bit left and drop atop the pipes. Hop over to the counterweight, the large brownish thing on a chain. Now, hop to the south wall. Garrett should grab it before you smack bottom. Carefully climb down to the bottom grabbing the pile of gold coins before you release (total: 65%). Stroll southwest to the exit.

As evil as this loot location appears its nothing compared to trying to find loot in the original Thief games. No lint glint to aid you in those games.



When The Clock Struck One It Struck Everyone

    Walk around to the left. Make sure you crouch or creep on the metal. Blackjack the guard. Continue but as you reach the steps creep left onto the catwalk. Around the corner is a chest with holy water and gold coins (total: 68%). Return to the stairs and creep down them. Pick open the door on your left. By the top of the ladder get the pile of gold coins from the chest. Backtrack then climb down the ladder to the north. Carefully walk around to the left. You'll be passing a Hammer behind a door. The steam emitting pipe has a gas arrow in it. When you see the Hammer Priest make sure he's alone then nab him. Hide his body then nail the Hammerite when he passes. This Hammer makes a circular path around the floor so don't be surprised if he marches up behind you. In the Priest's room, read the book upon the altar, get that fire arrow held by one of the statues, and snag that unique Builder's Ingot from the window (total: 73%). Exit north. At the corner pick open the door on your right. Before taking the lift down stroll west. Look for a side passage on your left. Open the grate and get the gold candlestick (total: 76%). Now take that lift down.

    After hitting bottom sneak out and wait for the patrolling Hammerite. Hammer him and toss his body onto the lift. Sneak south then crouch under the pipe. Stay crouch around the corner until you can clobber the Hammer. Crouch again as you proceed north. Use a gas arrow on the two Hammers. Just make sure their friend is walking away when you do. Hide the bodies then blackjack the remaining Hammer.

Thy evil odors doth sway my senses so forcefully. I wonder, didst they emanate from the Trickster's bottom?


    On the desk get the coin purse and silver goblet. Pop open the chest to get the oil flask and coin purse. From a nearby steam emitting vent get the gas arrow. Dash south and take the lift down. Enter the Furnace Room. Wait for the patrolling Hammer Priest to look out over the railing. Blackjack him. Head west around the corner. Blackjack the guard that patrols this area while you hear the Hammer Novice chided for being such a newbie. Get his coin purse (total: 84%). Exit out the north door. Wait at the east end for the guard to walk away. Sneak in and nail him. Run to the northeast and clean the office up. Take the gold goblet and gold pitcher from the desk and the explosive mine and gold coinstack from the chest. Leave the office and jog to the right. Pull the lever for this machine, the Coal Dispenser. Exit through the door south. Overlooking the furnace room a quick solution is to pull another noisemaker/gas arrow combo. Use a noisemaker in the middle of the room. When the two Hammerite Guards (not the furnace worker) are there, let a gas arrow fly. Continue south and spin the wheel on the Steam Release machine. Wait for the furnace worker to calm down enough that you can pick his coin purse (total: 100%). In the center of the room. pull the lever for the Halting Mechanism.

Garrett, did you notice the gas arrow in this pipe? I can see it so clearly now.


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