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Sunken Citadel

2500 Square Feet - Inc. Sunken Livingroom, Sunken Everything


New Objectives:

  • Find the Keeper Glyph Key.
  • Steal at least 90% of the loot. (EXPERT)
  • Find at least 3 special loot items. (EXPERT)
  • Get back to the surface by returning to your entry point.

Required Equipment:

  • 2 Water Arrows
  • 1 Noisemaker Arrow
  • 1 Gas Arrow
  • Many Broadheads of Hate :-)

    tart by heading southwest. Get the ruby near the red Keeper symbol on the floor (total: 3%). In the large cavern are two creatures. Hug the north wall and creep forward until you see the blue flame. Beside it is a torch. Douse it. One creature has a circular patrol encompassing the blue flame. When he comes back around club him. His friend has a similar path circling some broken pillars but he mixes the path up a bit. Either creep up on him or string up a broadhead since no one will be around to hear him. In the wading pool a water arrow, and atop the crypt you'll find a bird statuette next to an open book. Run a course west to southwest. Grab the diamond near the red Keeper symbol (total: 9%). Follow the passage around until you hear paw prints on the ground. Lay and wait. The next time rattat-tooie comes around club him. Read the book atop the crypt and snag the silver candlestick.

There's only so much rat I can put up with. One rat is one too many.


New Objective:

  • Steal the Kurshok Crown from the former throne room.

    Two passageways break from here. Take the one heading east. When you hear the ratman chat get that silver nugget by the rocks under the torch (total: 13%). When the rats leave go down the steps and get that gold goblet sparkling on the right. Given that the Kurshok are busy fighting the ratman it might be unfair to take advantage of this by tossing in a gas bomb, or gas arrow, or even an explosive mine. But then again, maybe not. Don't get too close and don't be afraid to use noisemaker arrows to steer the battle. Just remember that there are two ratman but THREE Kurshok. The one you can't see is probably patrolling below in the hatchery. Go straight up the steps. At the top look left for the gold urn. Keep going but make a left or right before you reach the blue flame. Go under the stone crossing you were on. Check the chest for a copper dagger. On the other end grab that unique Pagan Battle Horn (total: 21%). Exit west and get that moss arrow. Back up and resume south to the blue flame. A silver nugget lays just below and left of the blue flame. Follow the passage to a table. Take the two silver candlesticks (total: 26%). Run north and hop over the broken pillar. In the darkness seek out the jade. Hop back out again and take the west passage. One ratman patrols here and an area to the west. Once he's "out", grab the ruby tiara from the open crypt to the north, then take the silver urn and copper bracelet from the south.

Maybe it was because of all those hours playing the first Thief. I really hate these guys.


    Keep going west. The passage on your left marked by the Keeper symbol is the next section. Remember this. Walk past it and read the paper atop the crypt on your left. Exit north. One ratman is on patrol while the two Pagans chat nearby. Best handle the ratman when he's close. If you're quiet about it the Pagans will stay put near the torch atop the stairs. Pick open the first chest you spy. Clean from it two stacks of gold coins, and a pile of gold coins. Continue north to the next chest, it has a health potion and some broadheads. If you haven't done anything with the Pagans you don't really have to. Continue north through the shadows. When you're parallel with the stone stage they stand on sneak back until you're under a purple and blue gemstone. Its right under the broken part of the railing. Climb up and take the unique Large Diamond (total: 54%) from the wall. Doing this will most certainly attract attention so sneak north then east. When the ground turns to tile look west for a note and a gold nugget (total: 58%) near the pillar. Now its time to take that exit we passed earlier. If you continue your trek it will take you back to where you saw your first ratman. Follow that back around or turn around and backtrack to it. Its time to enter the Citadel Core.


Citadel Core - The Stank Stops Here

NOTE: This next part tended to use a lot of creeping. Crouching and running is quiet and faster but the trick of it is that you must uncrouch before you can blackjack someone or something. One other advantage, in addition to the fact that crouch is toggled, is that you sometimes get stealth benefits.

    Move down the passage on the left. Look in the open crypt for a health potion. Continue on until you hear the Kurshok speak. A shadow by the doorframe should give you cover while you observe the room. Douse that torch to the east. Sneak over and grab the cat statuette. When Mr. Kurshok strolls by creep behind and knock him out. Move his body aside then try to sneak on the other one in the wading pool or let the business end of a broadhead speed this up. At some point you'll hear a commotion from the south. Don't worry, it just some Pagans getting chopped into fish bait. Hop into that wading pool. On the north end a water arrow and a book. South end, in a chair, you'll find a ruby goblet (total: 63%). Exit south but wait in the shadows. One Kurshok, if its alive, will patrol past to a skeleton southwest. Take him down then look for that skeleton. Take its coin purse, it won't need it. Hop through the opening and down into the water. One Kurshok may patrol down here. When he passes make fish food of 'em. If he doesn't pass he may be stuck in attack mode (sometimes I get two Kurshok stuck like this). You'll need to either use a gas arrow, bomb, or something to get them moving again. I suggest a gas arrow since they appear freely each day around town.

Now that I think about it, I don't like these guys either.


    With him out of the way grab the silver candlestick from shelf in the big statue's base. Atop that shelf, on the right, take the copper bowl (total: 68%). All the way east you'll find a water arrow by the blue flame but don't alert the Kurshok just above you. Not yet. Follow the stairs up behind the statue. When you reach the top look down for a silver urn. Wait by the south opening. Two Kurshok patrol here. One will walk past you so start with him. Sneak back and to the left to handle the next. Get the rare book from the shelf (total: 74%). When you reach the corner look northwest for Kurshok. Take him out. Head west. Grab the two copper coin stacks from the bookshelf. Might as well read the book while you're here. Back where you killed that last Kurshok look for a bookshelf with a rare book. In the west passage you'll find the Keeper you've been looking for.

New Objective:

  • Read Rafe's journal for a clue about how he died.

    Get the Keeper Glyph Key, read the journal, and take the golden dagger (total: 79%). Return back to that big statue. Look east. Through the hole in the wall to check for the Kurshok. If its safe, run over there, grab the water arrow by the blue flame, and climb the wall. Hide to the left. When the Kurshok returns wait. When he leaves creep behind and knock him out. He has a friend nearby with a long patrol path that passes through this room. Wait under the shadow of the blue flame holder. Knock him out when he passes. In the east corner get the jade. Inside the open crypt you can find some broadheads. Exit northeast. One more Kurshok to go. His path circles through an area on your right. When you can, sneak up to the shadows left of the stairs. As Kurshok starts his circle patrol step in behind and.. well.. whatever. Check both ends of the passage for loot. One has a unique Kurshok Tapestry, the other has a plain old silver nugget (total: 85%).

Hard to believe these creatures created such a rich and wondrous civilization. Not that anyone will ever believe them when I'm through looting the place.


    Climb those steps and look over the railing. A quick solution is to fire a noisemaker at a spot in front of the throne. When the two Kurshok run to it, fire a gas arrow at the pair. Problem solved. Before you jump down there look south and up. A small outcrop of rock can be grabbed and mantled. Follow it to the other side of the throne room. Now, climb up that rock stub and then the remains of the pillars. Atop one is a diamond. Run behind the throne and hop across the broken pillar to the light fixture. Take the Kurshok Crown. Drop down. Pick open the two locked chests, east and northwest from the throne. In total you should find, two heaps of gold coins, two silver coin stacks, and a handful of gems (total: 100%). To exit, you can run south past the Kurshok and keep turning left or jump atop the throne to head back out the way you came. Go all the way back to the start to exit.

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