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Pagan Sanctuary

What's Yours is Mine



  • Steal the Jacknall's Paw from the Pagans.
  • Steal at least 90% of the loot. (EXPERT)
  • Find at least 3 special loot items. (EXPERT)
  • When your other objectives are complete, leave by way of the Pagan tunnels.

Required Equipment:

  • 6 Water Arrows
  • 2 Fire Arrows
  • 1 Moss Arrow


NOTE: Every encounter I describe may not happen the same way for you. I had a lot of strange things in this mission where different people would die and some would just drop dead for now reason in particular.

Don't tell Ed over by the fire but we took a vote. If we don't make it out of here, we're going to eat him first.


    ou should listen to the conversation. Be very careful, loose stones make a lot of noise. Even walking on them is too noisy. You'll need to stick with creeping whenever you plan to retire someone. While you're waiting for them to finish talking grab the coins on the ground behind you.

    When the two thugs separate you'll notice one bumps a stack of boxes knocking down a health potion (if not just jump up to grab it). Start by dousing the campfire. Get the fire arrow that remains when you have a chance. The two thugs left behind will run off to watch a fight several seconds after the first one leaves. In the southwest corner, get that gold nugget (total: 6%). You can wait and try to handle the two thugs as they return. Without the campfire they are somewhat easy to handle. Wait for the moment when they "warm" their hands by the campfire. When one leaves club the other and haul is body to a corner. Of course, sometimes only one thugs returns. It all depends on how well the fight with the Pagans turns out. Sneak out the north passage. Grab the ruby and copper spoon from atop the box (total: 12%). The remain thug can be very tricky. Skip him if he's too much trouble. From the blue crystal light face south and jump/mantle your way up two levels. Walk to the stack of boxes and grab the ruby goblet (total: 16%). Go back to the blue crystal light. Move east a bit. On the ground to your left get the gold nugget (total: 20%). Follow the passage off to the right until the women began to talk from the cavern on your right. When they break take down the one closest to you.


What's Mine is Mine

    The floating glowing light things are Will o' the Wisps. They're harmless until they get close enough to light up your hiding spot. Then you're in trouble if anyone happens to notice you. Inside the cavern where the women spoke open the chest and take the jade gem and the broadhead arrow. Among the fish to the north is a copper fork (total: 25%). Take a moment to read the parchment on the rock and on the north wall. When you're ready, sneak over to the south passage to handle the remaining Pagan. A niche in the rock on your right makes a nice spot to hide until she starts walking south.

Relatively safe but remember to creep. If you walk up to her she'll hear you. Or a single broadhead from further back would work as well.


    Creep up behind her and show her the light. You can grab a few broadheads from the box she walks past. Behind the rock at the south end you'll find another gold nugget (total: 29%). Return to the large cavern with the chest and exit east. Get the moss arrow on the way. Get your feet wet and follow the water through the shadowy passage east until you see the large drain. On your right, mantle yourself out of the water and club the patrolling female Pagan when she passes. Raid the nearby chest for a ruby ring. Sneak west and around the corner. Where the stack of boxes are you'll find two explosive mines and a jade goblet (total: 34%). Northwest of the boxes are two passages. From one you might see a Pagan emerge. He's the next volunteer for sleepy time. Flatten yourself against the north wall and club him when he passes. Walk west from here. The creature sloshing below can be killed with one fire arrow but don't do that just yet. Its noisy.

    Head west and stop short at the corner so you can listen to Leafer. Remember the ladder you'll pass on your right, its the exit. While he talks to himself douse that torch to the southwest. When you're ready, move past the corner and cross the wooden plank. Flatten against the wall on the other side. Club the female Pagan as she passes. Use the shadows to reach Leafer and then nab him. Best place is when he walks over to his chest. Alternately, you could just create a distraction for the two Pagans by using a fire arrow on the creature (one will work if the creature is caught unaware). Either way, open Leafer's chest and get the map and ruby (total: 39%). Go back to the ladder you passed and climb up unless you just have to have that health potion on the wooden shelf behind you.

As hard as this is to believe, he's still single girls. He enjoys the outdoors, long walks, and dancing in the rain. His name is "Blahgroferndil Smith".



Pagan Sanctuary - Got Goat?

Read the parchment by the wisp.

New Objective:

  • Learn the Ritual of the Root to gain access to the Jacknall's Paw. The shaman knows the Ritual, so search his area.

    Since you're on solid ground its alright to walk instead of creep. Now sneak south and wait for the Pagan male to pass. When you take him the woman will search for him. Hide his body, then take her when she gives up the search. The chest by the campfire has a flashbomb. A nearby parchment details something of interest. In the southwest corner you can find a ruby (total: 44%). Using one of the partial stone walls, mantle up and cross the wooden boards east. Get the silver candlestick from atop the boxes (total: 46%). In the southwest corner, if you can make it, a chest contains broadhead arrows. Also around there is a book with the story of what happened here, not to mention a noisemaker arrow on a shelf just above it. Drop down and exit south. Club the female Pagan when you can. Her longest patrol run takes her over a metal grate so moss that if you're going to take her there. One water arrow can darken the side hall you're in. Once she's down, walk north past the gear and through the doorway on your right. Grab the silver urn on the shelf next to the locked door. Pick open the door and enter carefully. Sneak east and get upstairs. Either the metal stairs, the broken metal stairs, or how about that ladder in the shadows to the left of the metal stairs. Once up there walk over that metal gear and the east through the opening. Run north to the back. Turn right and grab the Unique Ancient Statue (total: 54%).

    Creep outside atop the pipe and you might here a conversation among the Pagans. The pipe you stand on make a good sniping post but I'd rather we just move on. Return to where you dropped the metal gear and head west through the opening. Drop down. This should put you next to a metal gear. Run north across the bridge to the next area lit by a campfire. Douse the fire then handle the Pagan on your right. A female Pagan will eventually enter from the short hall to the west. Take care of her. Claim the fire arrow from the remains of the campfire. Sneak east. Look right for a golden dagger next to a burning pole torch. Now, proceed north but wait by the opening to the next area. Douse the torch on your left if you want to get closer. A Pagan will patrol this area emerging from the bushes. You'll have to creep up behind him to avoid making noise. Club him. Climb the steps all the way up and nail the woman clomping around on the boards in the short hall. Where the light shines through the boards get the bird statuette (total: 61%) on the corner. Go back downstairs. A moss arrow lays waiting in the northeast corner.

Sucks being a Pagan with allergies. Sucks more when you're allergic to will 'o' the wisps.


    The tromping behind the locked door is explained by the parchment nailed to the beam. You really should go in there. Either pick open the door or go the Garrett approach by climbing the steps again and using the wooden beams to come in through an opening. Pick open the chest to get the Unique Bronze Beetle (total: 74%). With that out of the way stroll west back to the short hall and take the stairs up on your left. Enter the Shaman's room but use the shadow by the entrance to plan your attack. Knock her out then read the book on her bed. The chest in the northwest corner has a health potion and a ruby tiara (total: 78%). A piece of paper lays atop one of the piles of rubble. Using the broken stairs to get up to what's left of the second floor. In the northeast area is a diamond goblet. It doesn't sparkle like normal loot so you'll have to search to find it. In the southwest corner is a bed. By the bed a book. Just over the head of the bed, a Unique Precious Comb is hidden atop an angled rafter (total: 89%). Out the south exit you can finally rainy fiery death down on that tree beast tromping through the water. Why? Well, hop down there using the ladder and collect the water arrow. Run east all the way to the other end and claim the gold bowel by the grate. On your way back to the ladder get that other water arrow, on your left. Climb up the ladder and return to the short hall.

    Run north. Go all the way down the steps perhaps pausing to snag the water arrow. You'll need to creep to get this next Pagan. You can try using the shadows halfway in his path by the barrels, or just let a broadhead fly. The first bookshelf on the right has two jade goblets (total: 100%). Run west and take the passage north. When you emerge douse the torch on your left. Wait for the beast to come close then let loose with a fire arrow. A female Pagan also guards this area. Consider handling her first since her short patrol path keeps her close while the beast may be on the other side of the cavern. Once both are subdued its time to get the paw.

When performing the ritual use the area underneath the paw, not the area where the symbols are written. It doesn't matter what order you perform the ritual in.


    The ritual is pretty straight forward. Go ahead and grab the water arrow and moss arrow. Next, grab a Pagan body and toss it on the altar. That's the part behind the three symbols, not the symbols themselves. If nothing happens I'm afraid you'll need to poke a few holes in the body using your knife or broadheads. Blood is required for the Ritual of the Root. Next, fire a water arrow into the same spot. Now, a moss arrow. Grab the Jacknall's Paw from the tree nook. Finally, return to the surface. Don't worry, you only need to make it back to the start of this map. Where you began there is a hole in the ground. Climb down the ladder to end the mission.


City Day Three


  • Deliver the Chalice and Paw to Artemus in Terces Courtyard in Stonemarket Plaza.


    Not much to do than leave the building. Grab the water arrows from the fountain. You could make a Black Alley visit, check for the latest blackmail drop and cash in your goods. Head northwest then north from the fountain to the Stonemarket Plaza. Work your way north to the gargoyle statue then follow the keeper. He'll show you a new door. Enter and be at peace. If you do head all the way into Stonemark Proper you can hear part two of "Benny's Ailment" in front of the Clocktower Entrance but you can do this later.

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