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Keeper's Library

132 Years Overdue? Your Fine Shall Be Death!



  • Search around the Keeper Library for clues about the Dark Age.
  • Speak to Keeper Artemus before you leave the library.
  • Speak to Keeper Isolde before you leave the Library.

Optional Equipment:

  • 2 Water Arrows
The Diet of Lord Atkins? I know not of this book. Is it bound by magic?


    f you missed it, Garrett smirked when he was warned not to do any thieving. Walk down the hall to the chatty Keepers and let them finish speaking. On your left stroll to the other end and read the open book.

New Objectives:

  • Search the Sewers in the Docks to locate the entrance to the Sunken Citadel in order to find the missing Glyph Key that the Keepers are searching for.

    Return to the middle are you entered from. Take the lift southwest of there down. As you leave the lift steer left to listen to the scribe.

New Objectives:

  • Enter the ship called the Abysmal Gale in the Docks to see if it's related to the Compendium of the Reproach that the Keepers are searching for.

    Such a silly scribe. On the two tables you can find some reading material. Proceed southeast to the other end and listen to the Keeper. When he's finished speaking read the paper on the table and perhaps snag the copper bracelet someone wants you to have from the other.

New Objectives:

  • Go to the Docks' Pagan stronghold and read the letter left for you by the Pagan priestess, Dyan.

    At long last, the Thief series finally gets the "Bow Upgrade". Come back to the middle area, where the lift is and exit northeast. Read the paper on your right resting atop the bench. Continue on into the room. Walk into the middle and approach the female Keeper. Do as she requests and use the glyph plaque. Read the book while you're there. At this point you can return to the city by usin the glyph to the north but for some added fun go through the east door. Doesn't look like the guard is going to let you in. Perhaps another route? Return to the glyph room but this time try the south door. Take a look at the paper on the desk. Proceed through the door on your left. Look left for a goblet and another parchment. Look down and to the right. On the floor you'll see something odd. Stand on it. Use the glyph revealed to the east. Welcome to the Forbidden Library.


Forbidden Library - Don't Ask, We're Never Open

Its forbidden to enter. Its still forbidden. Yes, its still forbidden. Stop asking me its still forbidden. What? Hey, stop making gestures at me.


    While you're here do NOT get caught and do NOT blackjack anyone. Killing a Keeper would be a poor decision. Turn your view west, a nice rare book lays atop a desk. Move northeast to the passage but look north for an open book first. Read up, its the Garrett Story for those who haven't played the first two thief games. Now, sneak east down that passage. I'd suggest dousing the torch first, and I'd definitely recommend grabbing that rare book from the desk. Go up a staircase but watch out for the female Keeper. Read the open book. Now proceed west and take whatever passage to reach the second floor overlooking the library. The guard carries a torch but follows a somewhat long and predictable path. Just avoid using the bridge and you should be alright. Work your way along the walls to the south one. You'll find a good book to read, a Keeper library map on a table, and a shelf with two flashbombs and a gas bomb. Sneak over to the north end and turn west. Take the steps up into the next room. You'll find another book to read and a bird statue atop a bookcase. Follow the next flight of stairs up. Keep quiet near the top so you don't disturb the Keeper in "deep" meditation. Behind the torch you'll find a rare book on one of the desks. Exit southwest. Work your way along the edges. Things to find include a statue underneath a desk, a copper candlestick, and a copper urn located atop a bookshelf near an open book. You should douse the torch so you don't get caught reading it. The west exit takes you still further into the library. Hug the wall to sneak behind the female Keeper. Once inside the office grab the rare book and copper goblet from the desk. If you hear a funny noise its because there is yet one more room to be seen. On the south wall, above the books on the middle shelf, you'll find a switch. Press it and enter the room behind you.

Press the button and the passage shall be revealed.


    Go ahead and take the two statues and goblet from the desk. Make sure you read the book on the on the desk at the center. Its pretty much the entire reason for making this trip. Now, return thyself to the glyph room and exit north to return to the city.


City Day Three Continued

    So much to do now. Garrett has never been the type to help others, unless he stands to benefit from it. I'd suggest hunting the Rust Mites and killing them. You've probably seen these gold beetles several times already. Just use your broadhead arrows from a distance, they explode for no apparent reason when shot. If you nail three the Hammers will be neutral, get six and you'll have an ally. You'll still have City Watch to contend with but at least one faction won't be pursuing you all over the city. Stonemarket Plaza and South Quarter provide plenty of mites to kill. Still need help? Alright.

In Stonemarket plaza:

  • Around the top of a long flight of stairs near the gargoyle statue.
  • Due north of the entrance to Stonemarket from South Quarter.

In Stonemarket Proper:

  • In the passage for the red hand area, where you met Black Market Bertha.

In South Quarter:

  • Right near the entrance to Stonemarket Plaza.
  • Southeast of the fountain, sometimes in a small area with two pipes in it.
  • By the south gate that would lead to the docks if it wasn't closed.

    When you're ready, proceed to South Quarter and keep heading south until you find the glyph permitting access to the Docks.

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