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St. Edgar's Eve

Where There's A Hammer There's A Way



  • Break into St. Edgar's Church.
  • Find and steal the Builder's Chalice.
  • Steal at least 90% of the loot. (EXPERT)
  • Find at least 3 special loot items. (EXPERT)
  • Once you have completed all your objectives, return to your entry point, the Front Courtyard.

    ith any Thief mission, when you have to enter a building its always best to avoid the main entrance. Sneak off to the left and club the patrolling guard. Grab the key he drops and the two copper coin stacks from the bowl (total: 1%). A moss arrow lays in the grass nearby. North of your position is a balcony. On its right is a box of opportunity. Mantle that box and from there the pipe and then the balcony itself. Once inside commence with the thieving by taking the copper candlestick from the bench (total: 2%). An open book lays on the floor.

    Run east up the first flight of stairs and hang a left. Club the candle guard and take his coin purse (total: 4%). Keep heading north until you reach the small prayer room. Acquire the Unique Codex of the Admonitions by the statue (total: 7%). Sneak east into the main part of the cathedral and listen to the Hammerite chatter.

Give thanks to Hammer. He warns us of evil, to avoid evil, and in his immortal words, "Thoust can't touch this. Break - it - down. Ho. Hammer Time."


    When they've finished run south to the end. Turn east and find the guard that patrols this end. Careful, he does walk inside as part of his path. Turn north (while still inside the cathedral) and run to the end. Grab that gold candlestick from atop the boxes. Back up a few steps and enter the room on your right. The book at the altar is a good read. Make sure you empty the collection plate (total: 11%) on the bench before leaving. Leave the room out the south exit to get outside. On your left a broken rail allows you to drop down to the ground safely. The door on the south end leads to the bell tower. A door from there takes you to a balcony overlooking the front of the cathedral. A fire arrow hides in the fires of the statue's hands. Get that arrow and then return to the broken rail to drop down to the ground. Mind the guard that patrols, his path is a wide one so when you do take him down make sure he's far away from the stationary guard. A water arrow can be found by the well and a moss arrow in the bushes. Douse the torch by the stationary guard. Subdue him or just plain sneak past him to get to the door. Pick it open and enter. Make sure you close it behind you. Read the parchment on the table.

New Objective:

  • Steal the High Priest's holy symbol from his chambers.


Have You Tried Our DriveThru? Guaranteed Guilt In 3 Minutes Or Less

    Sneak south then east down the passage to trigger the conversation. Listen up but don't wait for it to finish. Keep going to the stairs and climb them. You might want to snag that health potion from the bookcase before you do. Atop the stairs be on the look out for a patrolling guard. Head left and check the table for a parchment. Next to it take the gas bomb. A second sits atop a nearby barrel next to a gold pitcher. West of that pitcher, behind a statue, you'll find a ruby ring (total: 21%). Make sure you get that patrolling guard. When the conversation below ends get the guard that comes up the stairs. From the stairs head west to the end and through the door on your right. One Hammer patrols through this area and where the priest sleeps. Nab him but avoid getting the attention of the stationary Hammer. You can see his shadow on the carpet north of the statue (and a health potion on that nearby shelf). Walk past the statue and turn left. Take the picture on the wall (total: 27%). Run north and press yourself against the wall. Douse the torch by the door. When the guard settles down blackjack him. If he settles into position too quickly pick a nice dark spot to jump in until he starts moving. Walk to avoid him until his back is turned.

Kneel before the god of stink. I command thee to make a stink, make it big, and sharest the stink amongst thy flock.


    The door he's guarding leads to the High Priest's room. I suppose you could ring the bell in the tower to summon him and then raid his quarters but I've found a single gas bomb gets the job done quicker. Clean the room up starting with the bed. Read the parchment atop it. On top of the bookshelf grab the two gold candlesticks. Pick open the chest to retrieve the Unique Cat O' Nine Tails. A parchment inside the chest explains it better. Finally, on the table read the parchment then take the silver goblet (total: 46%) and holy symbol.

New Objective:

  • Acquire an unstamped gear in the factory, then stamp it using the Stamping Machine.

    Leave out the east door and track down the snoring priest. On one bed is a nice book. By the desk you'll find two silver coin stacks and inside the locked chest by the bed is a Unique Effigy of St. Edgar (total: 51%). Return to the High Priest's room and leave out his west door. Grab the ruby goblet from atop the barrel on your left. Run down the steps heading south. This should take you straight to a door. Enter the cathedral. Knock out that patrolling guard. From the table take the two diamond goblets. Walk back towards the alter. The latest scripture rests atop it. On the back left bench is a gold bowel (total: 70%).

    Run over to the west wall of the cathedral and stroll south until you find a door to the outside. While the Hammers chat sneak southwest into the shadows. Club the guard that passes by when they finish chatting. Use a water arrow on the torch that illuminates the area where the priest remains. Hug the north wall around, behind the boxes until you can creep up to the priest from his left side and club him. Make sure you get his coin purse (total: 71%). Open the door and proceed to the factory.

Brother Headache is about to add a new entry to his rolodex of pain.



Hammerite Factory - Hammers Made While U Wait

    Stand still and listen to the Hammer's chat. On the table next to you read the book and grab the gas bomb. A nearby chest has some broadhead arrows in it. Turn to your right. When you see the guard pass sneak up and nail 'em. (A switch can be used to activate the bellows but that's just messy.) The next guard patrols a hall to the west. You might want to fire a moss arrow at the metal grate, or just wait for the guard and blackjack him before you cross it making much noise. Return to the room you entered from and look south for the Hammer metal smith. Get him too and read the parchment on the west wall. Remember this room, the spiral staircase that leads up connects to an alternate exit.

    Exit west and make a right. Go all the way to the end of the hall and enter the room on your left, the Reliquary. In a cage overhead is the Builder's Chalice. Climb the steps and grab the two oil flasks from the chest. Open the door, slide into the shadow on the right, and wait for the priest to have his back turned. Once he's dispatch sneak south to the next room. The next Hammer can be handled by either dousing the torch to keep you hidden on the stairs, or by shooting a moss arrow onto the metal plates in the small niche in the east wall. This works best since you'll be closer to the Hammer to make your strike. Or, when he patrols to the bottom of the stairs, start running when he turns around and nail 'em without using a thing. Enter the storage area on the south end. Grab everything from the shelves: an oil flask, a flashbomb, an unstamped gear, and two silver nuggets (total: 78%). A book lays open on one shelf. The locked chest contains broadhead arrows. Leave but don't go back up the steps. Enter the room to the west and use the wall switch to turn off the lights. Grab that copper candlestick from the table. Pick open the door on your left. Read that book atop the shelf and the odd plaque over the desk. Get the copper candlestick from the bookshelf and assorted coin stacks from the chest (total: 89%). Get the flashbomb while you're in there.

The spinning gear actually generates a spinning gear shadow. Its so cool. Oh, if you need more shadow throw the switch on the right near the pillar.


    Sneak north to the last area. A priest patrols here burning the dead workers who have now become undead. You can douse the torch, use moss on the metal plates or just be evil and use the levers by each door to unleash the evil dead from their cells. Once the priest is under control enter the Charnel Furnace and get the jade ring from the recently incinerated. For fun, you can burn your own bodies by luring the undead, or living, into the furnace. Continue north into the next room. Use the Stamping Machine to get your gear made. Take the gear from the mold and return to the Reliquary. Use both machines on the south wall to lower and open the cage. Run upstairs and claim the booty, two silver candlesticks, golden bell, and the Builder's Chalice (total: 100%). Getting out is easy. Return to the room with the spiral staircase. Use it to exit. When you emerge from the mist run south to the balcony an exit the mission.


The City - Day Two

    As usual, check the fountain for water arrows. Also, look on your left for a piece of paper stuck on the wall. Its a tally of your mischief from the night before. Not much to do since you cleaned house on night one. Go to the Black Alley to overhear a conversation, sell off the loot, and stock up on some new items. Check the grate again for more blackmail goodies. Northwest of the fountain you can trigger a "Benny's Ailment" conversation. Finally, keep heading south following the same path you did last time when you robbed your first house. Instead of entering the house, look to the left for a broken grate. Walk through, find the well, and dive in.

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