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City Day One

Mess In The City - Garrett's Apartment



  • Go see your fence Heartless Perry in Black Alley to sell hiim the Bloodline Opal.


    rab whatever you can find on the table and over the fireplace before leaving. Check the chest by the fireplace as well. After you chat with the guard you might want to subdue him. Once done, pick open the door directly across from the apartment. Inside are a few goods and a book detailing the blackmail the landlord suffers from. Two more apartments just down the hall can be checked for goods. In the room with the woman a book lays open on her bed, probably worth reading. Head south to the mist to enter the City.

South Quarter

So then he threatened me with the comfy chair. I had to confess. Anyone mad enough to think that's torture is capable of anything.


    Listen to the conversation and grab some water arrows from the fountain. Always check this fountain (and other water sources) for water arrows. They're free and quite useful. You're free to pick pocket at any time but the small pickings sometimes makes it more trouble than its worth. If you do pick a pocket put some distance between yourself and the target should the City Watch go on alert. Once the conversation ends, follow one of the men south until he reaches his house. South of the door is an open window. Climb in and look around. Chekc the fire place for a fire arrow. Whenver you see something burning, always take a closer look.

    Leave his house and head south. Make a right and then another. Make sure the City Watch guy doesn't catch you. From here a northwest direction will take you past some red hand prints into Black Alley. On your right is the grate containing the blackmail payments your landlord has been making. Heading west, you'll pass two doors you can enter. One sells goods, the other allows you to fence the goods you've stolen. This is the home of Heartless Perry.

New Objective:

  • Deal with Lady Elizabeth and her thugs so you can get into Stonemarket.
...and then the tribal council voted Lord Rupert off the island. I couldn't believe it. He was my favorite. I'm sure that scheming wench was behind it.


    As you walk you might notice a green jewel in the bushes. This is a moss arrow. Whenever you see grass look for moss arrows. Leave Black Alley and head east. Follow the path back to Garrett's apartment. Off on the left you should see three people. Sneak up to the nearest wall and listen up. When the guards split up head off to where Lady Elizabeth went and rough her up. If she hasn't entered the guard house go ahead and walk in. Look around. When you're ready, return to where the one guard stands duty and get past him. (An alternate path exists. Look around the sandy patches near the fountain. They lead to a small passage under some steps.)


Stonemarket Plaza - All Stones Guarunteed Fresh


  • Sell the Bloodline Opal to Black Market Bertha, the fence in Stonemarket Proper.

    To your right is a door. Pick it open to enter the tavern. Some goods can be found and some City Watch as well. If you follow the passage east you can find a second door leading to the tavern. Once inside make sure to sneak upstairs for additional goods. If the guards get wind try using the "wall hugging" feature, it gives you that extra bit of stealth that even darkness can't provide. From upstairs, open the window and jump north to the balcony across from it. (You have to jump this one a bit early and then press your mantle key to grab the balcony when you reach it.) Follow the balcony until you can hear the conversation. Once over, work your way through the guy's apartment and down the stairs. Try not to hurt the drunk guard too much. Head east and turn right through the passage. Continue southeast watching for the guards until you see the swirly mist to reach Stonemarket Proper.


Stonemarket Proper - All Stones Measured By Weight Of Other Stones

Stealth is the fine art of not being seen. Not drawing attention to yourself. Slicing the head off a Hammerite and wearing it as a hat while yelling "I'M IN DISGUISE!" is what we would call the bloody opposite of stealth.


    Sneak east until you can hear the two chatterbugs. When the conversation ends relieve them of the map, you'll find it useful later (Pickpocketing works fine here, the guy has the map). A passage to the south leads to a mini-jail. Help relieve the one guard of his duty or just sneak past. Putting out that torch while on route might be a good idea. Around the corner you can pick open the lock on the jail door to release the "person" inside. Go inside the cell to claim a map. Return to where the two thugs are in front of the Hammer cathedral. Walk up to the door and make a right. Follow the passage down and around and visit both shops. As you leave Bertha she'll give you a note.

New Objective:

  • Meet with the Keepers in Terces Courtyard in Stonemarket Plaza.

    Head up the steps from Bertha's. Note the water arrow on your left. Run north and slide right to hide in the bushes. When the route is clear go west. On your right enter the darkness and find the open door. This is the armory. Ready the blackjack and wait for the owner to open the other door and stroll out. On his way back in do what's needed. Behind the counter check the safe and chest for goods. Sneak upstairs taking whatever looks good. In the chest at the foot of the bed you'll find the valuable dagger that "Garrett" was hired to steal. Leave the armory and cross the street to the lit door on the other side, slightly to your right. Pick it open and clean house.At the top of the stairs make sure to read the diary entry by the bed. Sneak downstairs and listen to the conversation in the entryway. Things could get messy so go back upstairs to the bedroom. Pick open the door and jump down from the balcony. Deposit the dagger in the box by the door to the Cathedral. Depart through the blue mist to Stonemarket Plaza.


Stonemarket Plaza Pt. 2

    Follow a northwest path to reach the Keepers. If you pass a wanted poster heading north you're on track. You should pass the gargoyle statue shortly before meeting them. Look behind that statue for the loot you read about earlier.

New Objectives:

  • Steal the Chalice from St. Edgar's Church in Stonemarket Proper.
  • Use the South Quarter well to enter the Pagan tunnels, and steal the Paw from them.

    Since we were just in front of the Hammer cathedral a few minutes ago head back on a southeast path to reach Stonemarket Proper. Check the box you left the dagger in for a reward and then... Enter the Cathedral.

Hey! Did you move just now? You would tell me if you did, right?


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