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Cashing Inn - Checking Out

So Let It Taffed, So Let It Be Played

    n case you missed it there is an intro movie for this game just like the previous two Thiefs. After you reach the main menu wait and it will play after 10 seconds or so. I won't elaborate much on this mission but I will cover the loot so you can reach 100%.

    When you reach the part about using your water arrows keep collecting the water arrows from atop the box. They are free, they respawn, and you will get to carry them forward into your next mission. Garrett can only carry only 25 so stop once you've reached your limit.

    Of matters concerning lockpicking, its actually pretty easy once you know what you're doing. Using the mouse (or XBox control thingy) move the lockpick into a north, south, east or west position (all the way, the pick should appear to be almost flattened against the lock rings). If a ring starts to jiggle press the action key. That's it. Locks can be picked in seconds using this approach.

Bring me five pecked men. Not a spine among them, I want men who cower when they hear a woman's voice.


    After you've entered the Inn and climbed the stairs a training objective will direct you to the first loot item, a silver goblet (total: 1%). Next item can be obtained by distracting the guard and entering Lord Julian's room. Once the "Training Successful" message appears go back outside and head west down the hall. Open the chest at the foot of the bed for a copper candlestick (total: 37%). Return to Julian's room and take the copper plate from the table and the copper candlestick by the bed (total: 75%).

    Later, when you've left Lord Julian's room, grab the copper goblet (total: 87%) from the table in the corner before you enter the balcony overlooking the bar. After you've snagged Lord Julian's bag, look behind the bar for a copper goblet (total: 100%).

I know the flashbomb manual states that the loss of vision is only temporary but how could this man's eyes not melt out of their sockets? I'm going blind just looking at this.


End of the Bloodline -->