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End of the Bloodline

Lifestyles of the Rich and Homicidal



  • Break into Rutherford Castle.
  • Find a clue about how to locate and open the vault.
  • Steal the Bloodline Opal from the vault.
  • Steal at least 90% of the loot. (EXPERT)
  • Steal at least 3 special loot items. (EXPERT)
  • When your other objectives are complete , leave the castle grounds the same way you came in, the front gate.

Required Equipment:

  • 3 Water Arrows


    tart by listening to the conversation outside the castle. Two conversations can be heard if you wait. Put out the torch under the Lion's head and notice the door that opens above it. Sneak northwest and climb the ladder. "Use" the candlestick to snuff out the light. Turn north and shuffle to the end. Turn right and climb in through the open window. On the nearby desk use the candle. Read the parchment and take the health potion and two copper coin stacks (total: 2%).

New Objective:

  • The vault is protected by a portcullis. Search Lord Ember's chambers to figure out how to open the portcullis.

    Proceed west to the next room. Walk up to the guard by the window and blackjack him. On the table a parchment begs to be read. Atop the bookcase you'll find two copper candlesticks. Oh, and I suppose you'll want the goblet from the locked chest as well. (total: 8%). Find the north end of the room and pick open the door. Make sure you close the door behind you. A closed door blocks sounds. Make a right and sneak down the hall. Make another right followed by a left. You should be looking down a long hall with one guard. When he turns to walk away from you run up behind him and blackjack him into next week. Hide his body. Resume heading east down the guard free hall until you see the left opening. Club the guard standing here. Rescue the jade from the statue's hands (total: 12%). The snoring you here is coming from the nearby guard barracks. Sneak south back to the hall and resume heading east until you're there. On your right you'll see a lit torch. A shelf by it contains a parchment and a health potion. Following the torch lit hallway will eventually lead you outside. Atop a barrel you'll notice a copper goblet. Return to the barracks. Open the chest at the east end of the room and take the copper plate. Follow the snoring into the next room. Snuff the candle and then get to work picking the lock on the chest. Inside, a copper goblet (total: 17%). Exit west. Make a right and extinguish the candle. Follow this hall heading east until you find the armory.

One of the new evil's introduced in Thief: DS are torch bearing guards. If you stay behind them they're not too bad. Stand in front, like I am, and you're almost certain to be caught.


    One guard with a torch patrols here. Hide behind the boxes until he turns to leave. Run up behind him and knock him out. Don't bump into the sword racks, they make a lot of noise. Tables on the east and north ends of the room have some broadhead arrows. Leave west and keep going until you can turn left. You'll notice some strange and mystical smoke on your right. That's a "load zone" which leads to another section of the castle. A servent roams this next area. Use a water arrow on the torch to get his attention. Take him out. Move through the room he was in leaving out the south exit. As you enter the next room watch out for the two guards on your right. Snuff the candle atop the bookcase on your left. When the large guard gets close to you he will turn to head back. Knock him out. Use the shadows to get his friend at the guard station.

Pressing your body against a wall avoids detection even when the guard is fat enough to be served as a six course meal.


    Head east, back to the bookcase. Turn right then left. Use the candle. Now, go handle the archer when he turns to climb the stairs as part of his patrol. Climb those stairs and and take the ruby from the table. Climb the second set of stairs and follow the hall around to the next room. The servant can be handled easy enough. Douse the torch behind him with a water arrow. Then, when he turns his back to investigate, dispatch him. A parchment lays on a nearby table. Proceed south to the next room. Take the copper candlestick from the table. Pick open the door for the last room. Inside the room is a chest containing a silver goblet. This next bit will make sense later on but since were here lets claim some bonus loot. Pull out the dagger and "stab" the box six times to make it disappear. Crawl through the opening and follow the balcony to the painting. Claim the UniqueMortimer the Mad (total: 35%). Work your way back to the servant room and leave. Before you reach the stairs open the door on your left and run north into the blue swirling mist at the other end.


Blood is Thicker Than Torture

    Keep going north and curve right until you see a guard. Sneaksie up and blackjack him. Snuff his candle too then hide his body. (A good spot can be created by raising the lift you passed and then dousing the torch over it.) Continue east through the door. Overhear the conversation then follow the woman and knock her out quickly before she spins around. Put out the candle on the table and hide her body further back. All the way back on your right is an opening under the stairs. You'll find a neglected copper goblet there. Now, climb the stairs taking care to handle the one guard on route. Keep going up, make a left. Pick open the door and then go up some more stairs to arrive at Lady Elizabeth's bedroom. Read the parchment on her bed and on the bookshelf. A diary is also on the bookshelf along with three copper coin stacks. At the foot of her bed pick open the chest and claim the Unique Guilded Helm. Now clamber up a bookcase and hop atop her bedframe to get that jade necklace (total: 57%). Leave her room and go all the way to the bottom of the stairs. Head north but wait for the guard with the torch. Sneak up and blackjack him. With luck, Lord Ember might be with him. Try to get him before he reaches his quarters. If not, he'll pop back out again if you wait long enough.

I love the fact that Lord Ember pretends not to know I just blackjacked his guard. His complete indifference shows just how complicated this man really is.


    Continue north extinguishing the candle as you enter the next area. Move quietly and the archer shouldn't be hard to handle. If you intercepted Lord Ember he won't even be facing you. Pick open the door to Lord Ember's room to enter it (or climb out the window to the east and enter from outside. Or, if you nailed Lord Ember use the key he dropped to open his door like any other.) Inside, read the book on the table and take the copper goblet (total: 58%). Yup, we got Mortimer already so don't worry about it.

New Objective:

  • Find and activate the secret switch in Lord Ember's chambers to open the vault's portcullis.

    Stroll over to his bed and grab the silver candlestick from atop the bookcase. Also, grab the Unique Rutherford Medallion atop the fireplace mantle. At his desk you'll find two copper coin stacks. On the wall is an unlit torch. Use it. Run back to the table and exit west. Pick open the chest and take the jade gemstone. Leave out the window and grab that jade ring on the corner before someone else gets it (total: 78%). Fall down to the ground and do something about the guard patrolling around. Underneath the wooden platform you fell from is a door. Pick it open and listen in on the gossip mongers. When they break up club the one that remains. Follow the other into the dining room.

*sigh* All that time spent setting the table just to watch them tear it apart so they could play Magic: The Gathering™


    On your left, use the candle on the table and steal the copper goblet. If the servant notices club her when she investigates, otherwise take her as she walks back and forth from the fireplace. Over the fireplace grab two copper candlesticks. On the table, get the two copper goblets. One guard remains in the nearby hallway but he can be ignored. Sneak south out of the dining room, make a right then left to enter a short hall that leads to the kitchen. Extinguish that candle. Head to the west end and through the door. Just before you reach it grab the copper candlestick on your left. Use the candle on your right and take a moment to read the book on the table. In the northest corner, get the silver plate from the chest. Sneak south through the door and make a left. You might encounter the cook here or all the way in the kitchen. Don't kill him or the mission fails. Near the burning oven you'll find a health potion. In the next room on the table by the meat is a copper goblet (total: 90%). Leave the room and go outside through the door you entered from. Head northwest. Make a left and keep running until you've entered the swirling mists.

    Run forward. Make a right, a left, then another right. This should return you to the room that had the two guards, including the one who remained stationary at this post. Either way, keep going west. Go all the way down the stairs into the basement. Open the Rutherford's family vault. Take the Bloodline Opal and two jade rings (total: 100%). To leave the castle you have your choice of three exits. The way you came in, the one the cook opened for you by the barracks, or the front door though it maybe rough if you didn't do anything about the two guards outside.

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