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FAQ Thief Gold / FAQ Thief II

   In Running Interference why doesn't Basso respond to the birdcall?

He can't hear you unless you are outside. In fact just walk up to the place where you started before using it.

   In Shipping... and Receiving what does the counter on Davidson's ship do, the one in the secret chest?

The counter goes up by one each time you find a spice bag, it initially starts somewhere around 0418. Beyond that, it doesn't seem to server any other purpose.

   In Framed is it possible to enter the interrogation room?

In a word, "no".

   In Framed where is the vault code?

You'll find the vault code in the Secured Records room, in the Records Area.

   In Framed what is the vault code?

If you must know highlight the place between the quotes. "4026"

   In Ambush! is it possible to get to the graveyard? Is there anything in the graveyard?

No (well, sort of) and no. Though some engineering thieves have managed to stack boxes to climb over the sealed city gates, nothing is actually back there, don't worry about it you'll see it in a later mission.

   In Eavesdropping, is there a way to enter the room where Karras and the sheriff speak?


   In First City Bank and Trust how do I lower the bar that's in front of the vault?

Go to the basement, the mechanism you seek is down there.

   In First City Bank and Trust can I open any of the other doors in the vault?

Having loaded this mission in DromEd, I can say that if you managed a way to open them you would only find a wall behind the door.

   In Blackmail, how do I open the white door with the weird gear thing next to it?

You need a gear to use on this special kind of lock. Only one gear will work, any other will break the lock. With one exception, all gears are carried by patrolling guards in this mission.

   In Blackmail, I can't reach the third floor. I don't have a gear to unlock the door.

This is the one exception to the rule mentioned above. The silver gear apparently got lost when someone took a late night swim in the pool.

   In Trace the Courier the mission keeps ending in a loss, why?

There could be several reasons why:
  • You are being detected by the messenger.
  • The messenger escaped you.
  • You didn't read the message after it was dropped.
  • You didn't put the message back after you read it.
  • You didn't wait for the second messenger after the message was dropped.

   In Trace the Courier there is a part of the cemetery I can't enter. Is anything back there?

Indeed there is, to get back there you have to enter the locked door that two of the Hammerite guards come out of. The trick is to know that they will come running out of the door and then use the door before it closes to stop it. The second guard will ignore the door and leave it open. The rest is left up to the reader as an exercise.

   In Trail of Blood what does Dewdrop (the doll) do?

Check the secrets for this mission to get the details, and a screenshot.

   In Trail of Blood why... uhm... wuh-wuh-why are they looking at m-m-me?

Because they like you. :-)

   How do I enter Karras' office in Life of the Party?

Either use the sunburst described in the secrets for the mission, or get the key from Friend Vilnia, you'll find her near the lift in the Ballroom. However, if you've triggered her conversation with the guard she'll patrol the 5th floor when she's finished it.

   Hey, where is the Carlysle Armory in Life of the Party?

Before you enter the Dayport Trader's Banker, walk across the banner, across the greenhouse, then look up for an open window.

   How many of these Karras recording do I have to find in Life of the Party?

There are six in total, one per floor.

   In Life of the Party, where do I find this New Scripture of the Master Builder?

Its locked in a metal wall safe, located inside a support beam, in one of the rooms on the fifth floor.

   Could you be a little more vague? (that was sarcastic)

The metal wall safe is indeed on the fifth floor. The room its in can be found by exiting the kitchen into a hallway with a burning fireplace about midway down its length. Head all the way to the end of this hall and open the door in front of you.

   I'm on Life of the Party, I just read the New Scripture of the Master Builder and .... what the hell is that?!!!

Oh .... that? He ... uhm ... it ... whatever it is don't worry. Mostly harmless.

   In Precious Cargo where is the key to cargo locker #5?

It fell into the bilge water at Subaquatic Post #1. Look for ways to dive into water, but if you find yourself swimming in a large cave you're in the wrong place.

   Hey, I can't blackjack the guard patrolling the top of the Cetus Amicus in Precious Cargo.

Heh, wait it gets better. You can't use a gas arrow on him either. Is this enough incentive to just avoid the guy?

   Arrrr, where be the scurvy pirate in Precious Cargo?

Why any sea going bilge monkey would know, ye look in the Main Pirate Base for a rock covered opening beneath the surface of the water.

   In Precious Cargo where is the rust gas container found?

Two areas it could be in are Cargo Locker #3 or Main Storage. Not sure if the difficulty affects this or not. On expert, its in Main Storage.

   I can't find the New Builder scripture in Precious Cargo, where is it?

In the part of your map marked Main Pirate Base, go top side and look for a cave opening with a metal bridge leading to it. Don't forget your diving goggles.

   In Kidnap where the #*&$! is Brother Cavador?

He has a schedule to keep. Look for it in the temple near the beginning of the mission. The schedule may be random so I can't list it here, however, note that when a site has a green lite he has already been there. Also, should he panic he may deviate from his schedule and fail to complete it.

   I can't find the new builder scripture in Kidnap, where is it?

Two places to look: site #5 and site #2.

   How do I exit Kidnap?

Check thy map, 'tis written.

   Where is the part I need to fix that clock in Casing the Joint?

You need the cuckoo. Its in a tool chest. The location of the chest appears to hop between two areas, one is the west side of the ballroom on a workbench. The other is by the south door to the foyer on the second floor.

   So where is this clock I need to find in Casing the Joint?

Its at the entrace to the Library, 2nd floor, in the southeast corner.

   These ghost are driving me mad in Casing the Joint, and the correspondence is nowhere to be found. *argh*

Calm down. There are several books you need to read. Book one: N stack at the end on the left. Book two: On table in front of firepalce. Book three: Y stack at the end on windowsill. Book four: T stack in middle on left when you face south. Lastly, look for the secret passage hiding evidence, you have to enter it so that Garret says something. Check my secrets page for this mission on its location. When all is done a moan will be heard, then you can find the missing "M" stack and the correspondence.

   These ghost are driving me mad in Masks, and the correspondence is nowhere to be found. *argh*

See above tip.

   In Masks, whats up wit da crazy floors?

Its a pressure sensative gas trap. Either find a way to not touch the floors when taking the masks or deactivate the trap.

   The #$%& turret #*&% room is #*$&% up and I @*$% can't finish Sabotage at Soulforge.

Frustrating, ain't it? My advice is to skip it, you only need seven of the eight towers on expert and its universally agreed, the turret room bites!

   Please tell me, how do I get past the #*$& turret room in Sabotage at Soulforge?

What are you, masochist? Alright, first off, stay atop the catwalks. Speed potions and invisibility potions help. One turret sits atop a press, use a broadhead on the button at its base to squish it. Another turret is near a large explosive, throw a flare at the explosive to set it off. At one point, you need to climb down a ladder to throw a switch that opens access to the tower. Lastly, when you reach the end of the catwalks, shoot a vine arrow into the metal grate over your head to climb down.

   Why is Sabotage at Soulforge so hard?

Uhm...cuz its the last mission. Oh, and if you're setting off the faces, alarms sound and more children will be released.

   How do I learn about the Guiding Beacon in Sabotage at Soulforge?

Information can be found in the Plans Room. Head northeast to find it, but stay within the chapel. (i.e. The first page of your map.)

   Where do I shove this Guiding Beacon thingy in Sabotage at Soulforge?

Take it to the Northern Aspe. Take the lift up and figure a way to get past the iron grate. Hint: The architecture here is a jumping puzzle. That's right, Karras is so insane he even constructs jumping puzzles to tease anyone who might defeat him.

   In Sabotage at Soulforge how go I get the #%$! outta here?

The exit is where you started. Two doors on the southern end of Bay A.

   Where is the quote scroll?

Check the secrets for Sabotage at Soulforge for info.