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Thief III - City Tips 
  • The City Watch are always on the look out for you. Other city residents don't know who you are.
  • Most city residents will not bother you unless you bother them first. The City Watch are an exception.
  • Don't get caught stealing, picking locks, intruding, and so on, or someone may summon the City Watch.
  • You can ally with the Pagans, the Hammers, both, or neither. It's your choice.
  • If the Hammers or Pagans are Hostile towards you, they will attack you on sight anywhere.
  • If the Hammers or Pagans are Neutral towards you, they won't attack you unless you enter their territory.
  • If the Hammers or Pagans are Allied with you, they will allow you to enter their territory.
  • You can do favors for the Hammers and Pagans to improve your faction status with them.
  • There are some side quests that you can accomplish for either the Hammers or the Pagans, but not both.
  • If you attack the Hammers or Pagans, your faction status will decline.
  • If you steal from the Hammers or Pagans, your faction status will decline.
  • Look at the Faction screen to check your faction status with the Hammers and Pagans.
  • The Keepers leave glyph markings outside Hammer and Pagan territory.
  • The Keepers use Keeper Door Glyphs to hide secrets in the City.
  • You may need special equipment to climb up to valuable objects high above the streets.
  • There is usually one fence and one store in each district in The City.
  • Each fence will refuse to purchase a type of loot from you. Which type varies between fences.
  • Look for symbols on your map that indicate stores, fences, factions, and the City Watch.
  • Some people carry valuables that cannot be pickpocketed. You must mug them to get their goods.
  • You can mug people by threatening them with a weapon. They will drop their valuables and run.
  • Some loot can only be stolen once, but in some locations, you'll find loot every day.
  • Elemental arrows can be found in the same places every day.
  • Holy water can be found in Fort Ironwood in Old Quarter.
  • Climbing gloves can be purchased in the store in the Docks district.
  • Each store sells one of the elemental arrows.
  • Practice locks can be bought in stores. They appear in your residence. Use them to refine your skills.
Thief III - Lockpicking Tips
  • Locks come in four different shapes. The shape of a lock can tell you how many stages it has.
  • The material a lock is made of can give you hints about where the sweet spots will be in each stage.
  • XBOX - To complete a stage faster, pull the RIGHT TRIGGER when in the sweet spot.
  • PC - To complete a stage faster, use the ATTACK key when in the sweet spot.
Thief III - Stealth Tips
  • Water arrows can be used to clean up puddles of blood so that no one will notice them.
  • You can listen at doors to hear what’s on the other side. To listen at a door, lean into it.
  • Closed doors will conduct less sound than open doors.
  • Objects that move around and collide can make noises that your opponents may investigate.
  • Out of noisemaker arrows? Try tossing objects as an improvisational distraction method.
  • When an opponent is searching for you, move quietly between shadows while his back is turned.
  • Opponents may notice if you steal a piece of loot.
  • Opponents may notice if their allies turn up missing.
  • Opponents may notice if you put out a light source.
  • Opponents may notice if you leave doors open.
  • Metal is the loudest type of flooring. Use moss arrows to cover up metal surfaces.
  • You can pinch out lit candles by using them. Larger flames require water arrows to be extinguished.
  • Knocking your opponents unconscious is more stealthy than killing them.
  • Your opponents will search for you if they get suspicious. Avoid them, and they might not catch you.
  • If you get away after being caught, you'll be able to start sneaking again once your opponents give up.
  • Wall flattening and crouching both darken your Light Gem, making you harder to see.
  • When your Light Gem is very dark, you are nearly impossible to see.
  • When you draw a fire arrow, your Light Gem will get very bright. Opponents can see you easily.
  • Run only when your opponents' backs are turned, as it makes you harder to see and hear.
  • Running brightens your Light Gem, making you easier to see. It also makes your footsteps louder.
  • If there is hard cover between you and your opponent, they won’t be able to see you.
  • Be sure to hide your opponents' bodies, or they may get discovered.
  • The fire arrow is a damaging weapon, but it makes a lot of noise, which will draw attention.
  • Observe your enemies carefully to determine their patrol routes and other behaviors.
  • Watch and listen to your enemies to determine whether they are suspicious of your presence.
  • The more suspicious your opponents are, the more likely they are to search for you.
  • XBOX - Move the thumbstick just a little to walk slowly and very quietly.
  • XBOX - Use your mechanical eye to scout out distant targets. Press the D-PAD UP to zoom in, and press DOWN to zoom out.
  • PC - Use your mechanical eye to scout out targets at a distance. Use the ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT keys.
  • XBOX - Lean to see around corners without getting caught. Use the D-PAD LEFT and RIGHT to lean.
  • PC - Lean to see around corners without getting caught. Use the LEAN LEFT and LEAN RIGHT keys to lean.
  • XBOX - Move the thumbstick just a little to walk slowly and very quietly.
  • PC - Use WALK to move slowly and very quietly. Use CREEP to move even more slowly and be completely silent.
Thief III - General Tips
  • Opponents who are blinded will snap out of it if you attack them. Try making a fast getaway instead.
  • Some equipment can be retrieved for reuse, for example, broadhead arrows that stick into wood.
  • Open books can be read. Closed books can only be dropped or thrown. Gleaming books are valuable loot.
  • Shoot water arrows into moss puddles to make them grow bigger.
  • Shoot fire arrows into oil puddles to ignite them.
  • Most opponents will avoid walking through burning oil puddles. You can block off passages with them.
  • The undead will avoid walking through holy water puddles. You can use holy water to block off passages.
  • If you want to play a mission at a different difficulty, use 'Restart Mission' on the LOAD screen.
  • Opponents who slip on oil slicks might fall off cliffs, down stairs, or over railings.
  • Shoot a moss arrow at an opponent's face to make him choke.
  • Avoid fighting more than one opponent at a time.
  • Try dropping heavy objects on your opponents' heads.
  • Shoot an unaware human opponent in the head or chest to kill him in one hit.
  • You can use the climbing gloves to scale sheer vertical surfaces made of stones or bricks.
  • Shallow water is transparent and can be entered. Deep water is opaque and will kill you if you enter it.
  • You can backstab with the dagger by sneaking behind an unaware opponent.
  • Shaman, Priests, and Elders can't cast spells without their wands.
  • Shaman, Priests, and Elders will sometimes cast helpful spells on their allies which you can intercept.
  • If opponents start to fight each other, they will be too distracted to fight you.
  • Hammer Priests can bless their allies, allowing them to do more damage and hurt undead.
  • Keeper Elders can cast spells which turn their allies invisible.
  • Pagan Shaman can cast spells which speed their allies up.
  • Just because a zombie is lying on the ground doesn't mean it's dead.
  • Hammer Haunts are undead Hammerites whose burial site was desecrated.
  • The Keeper Enforcers are a group of stealthy warriors, modified by glyphs to have special abilities.
  • Use the compass and the map together to get your bearings and find your way.
  • Don't forget to check your map, especially when you're trying to find a particular destination.
  • You can pickpocket by sneaking up behind somebody and using their possession when it highlights.
  • Look for objects carried on your opponent's belt. These can be pickpocketed when your opponent is unaware.
  • The blackjack is good for knocking an opponent out, but it does very little damage in combat.
  • The dagger does far more damage in combat than the blackjack does.
  • The blackjack doesn't work on some opponents, such as the undead.
  • Flashbombs only blind opponents who are close enough to the point of detonation.
  • The undead are rumored to be damaged by sudden flashes of bright light.
  • You will be able to obtain some of the Keepers' special Glyph powers.
  • There's no point in hoarding lots of cash. You should use it to purchase tools in stores in the City.
  • Elemental arrows refer to Water, Fire, Gas, and Moss arrows.
  • Loot comes in three types: Artwork, Metal, and Gems. No fence will buy all three types.
  • Each mission has three pieces of special loot.
  • It's always a good idea to find the map for a mission before you enter, if possible.
  • There are numerous ways to escape when you get caught. Try tossing an escape tool, such as a flashbomb.
  • Flashbombs, oil flasks, explosive mines, and climbing gloves can all be used to make quick getaways.
  • Pagans are the humans and creatures who worship the Trickster god.
  • Hammers are men who worship The Builder god.
  • The Pagan tribes are populated by both humans and beastmen.
  • XBOX - To de-nock an arrow without firing it, release the RIGHT TRIGGER very slowly or use WALL FLATTEN.
  • PC - Use the JUMP or ESC key to de-nock an arrow without firing it.
  • XBOX - You can drop objects with USE or throw them with the RIGHT TRIGGER. Pull the trigger harder for a more powerful throw.
  • PC - You can drop objects with USE or throw them with ATTACK. The longer you wait, the farther the throw.
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