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  So you've finished the level on its hardest difficulty setting and you're thinking,

"I am a master thief. No pocket is safe, no lock is secure, the night is my ally, and I have never been caught"

  To you I say, have you found all the secrets?

  A secret is something extra found in many thief 2 levels. The only way to know how many there are is after completing the mission click the stats button. It will tell you both how many are in the level, and how many you found. Fortunately, discovery of a secret is obvious as a "bong" sound will play followed by a message indicating that you have indeed found a secret. Though you don't have to find them to complete the level, just knowning that they are there is enough to drive many into night sweats until they are found.
Thief II: The Metal Age
1. Running Interference 2. Shipping... and Receiving
3. Framed 4. Ambush! (No Secrets)
5. Eavesdropping 6. First City Bank and Trust
7. Blackmail 8. Trace the Courier
9. Trail of Blood 10. Life of the Party
11. Precious Cargo 12. Kidnap
13. Casing the Joint 14. Masks
15. Sabotage at Soulforge  
The Unwelcome Guest (Thief 2 Alpha Demo)