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    What is a loothrough? Well, take the walkthrough I've written and tweak it to cover every single piece of loot in the entire mission. More than just a loot list, a loothrough will guide you through the mission highlighting every single coin as you play. Enjoy and thank you Jerry for doing such a great job on this.

Thief Gold

Ye Shall Not Rob From The House I Have Built, Or Commit Any Theft Or UnRighteousness, Lest Ye Be Struck Down And Driven Into The Earth Forthwith, And The Land Of The Heathen Consume You.
- - The Book of the Stone


1. Lord Bafford's Manor 2. Break From Cragscleft Prison
3. Down in the Bonehoard 4. Assassins
5. Thieves' Guild 6. The Sword
7. The Haunted Cathedral 8. The Mage Towers
9. The Lost City 10. Song of the Caverns
11. Undercover 12. Return to the Cathedral
13. Escape! 14. Strange Bedfellows