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This Thief Is Retiring:
April 16th, 2005
   Its been a lot of fun managing this site for so many years but I've found my interests lay elsewhere now. There is still much that could be done with this site if anyone wants to take over. A facelift, a loothrough for Thief 2, walkthroughs for FMs to name just a few.

Shade and Sweetwater....



June 27th, 2004
   The walkthrough is complete for Thief: Deadly Shadows. I'm still planning to try and update the look of the site and fiddle with a few links I've collected. In short, if you're looking for a lootlist or a list of where all the Pagan cornerstones and rust mites are checkout the Loot Guide by senornacho.


Almost There:
June 19th, 2004
   Posted more goodies covering The Clocktower, Old Quarter, and The Keeper Compound. I thought it would take me a month to finish this game but at this rate the walkthrough should be finished sometime next week.


Update, Part Deux:
June 11th, 2004
   Added some goods covering: The Docks / The Absymal Gale, House of the Widow Moira, Docks Pt. 2 / Pavelock Prison, and the Sunken Citadel.


Massive Update:
June 5th, 2004
   The Thief: Deadly Shadows walkthrough has begun. Posted now in my walkthrough section are pages covering Checking Inn - Cashing Out, End of the Bloodline, City Day One, St. Edgar's Eve, Pagan Sanctuary, and Keeper's Library.


I'm A Happy Taffer:
May 27th, 2004
   Late Wednesday I got my copy of Thief: Deadly Shadows. Turns out they had already sold out of the Xbox version and the PC version I was getting was the last in the store. So far, the game is very promising though I haven't had time to play more than the training mission. Some quarks and annoyances were quickly fixed thanks in part to this nice thread over on the IonStorm forums.
   In short, I have suceeded in:
  • Adjusting my mouse speed
  • Removing the headbob in 1st person mode
  • Disabling the intro movies
  • Fixed problems with dynamic shadows (ATI Drivers 4.4, not 4.5)

   I'm not certain, but disabling VSync, under A/V in Options, seems to help speed things up.


Yes, I'm Still 'Ere:
May 20th, 2004
   Yes, I'm going to cover Thief: Deadly Shadows as soon as I get my hands on it. And yes, I really do want to update the look of the site though it may have to wait until after the walkthrough and stuff is finished. In the meantime, anyone notice the updates I did on my other walkthrough site? :-)


3 years Ago...:
May 26th, 2003
   Looking Glass Studios closed its doors.


Stay Away From The Light:
February 4th, 2003
   Thus I've completed the image upgrade (again) of this site. All images are brighter now thanks to some new technics I've learned.


Ahh, The Light It Burns!:
January 25th, 2003
   Went back and brightened some colors. This should make the website more readable on older monitors. Its also in keeping with some web design techniques I've learned. In short, if you have a black background you HAVE to make the text very bright to have it readable. I've also figured out a new way of brightening the screenshots. Haven't decided if its worth the effort to redo every pic in this site but I just might do it anyway. Oh, and if you still haven't gotten Thief or Thief 2 you can now find both in one box here in the US. Look for it!! At a bargin price its practically a.... uhm... well you know. :-)


No News Is Good News?:
November 7th, 2002
   Just finished a few more tweaks, updates, and whatnot. The big thing I'm trying to do now is rearranging the walkthroughs a bit to help accomodate Thief: The Dark Project players. With Looking Glass gone Eidos has been a bit spotty keeping the legacy alive. Though you can probably find Thief 2 or Thief: TDP by looking around Thief: Gold is proving to be a rather elusive prize. To help those in need, I've made a few modifications including a separate walkthrough for The Lost City for Thief: TDP players.


Some Bad News:
October 25th, 2002
   Thief: Gold appears to be sold out at DealDealDeal so I've removed the link from my previous news item. If you're sitll hunting for Thief: Gold try eBay or if you live in the US I know Electronics Boutique does sell used games. You never know what you may find there. Personally, I'm hoping that Eidos will make a sweet collectors edition of Thief III when its released that will include Thief: Gold and Thief 2. Though I own both of these games I'd gladley snap up a Thief III collecty!


Loothrough Debugged:
October 19th, 2002
   Turns out there was nothing wrong with the Escape walkthrough, I had just misread something. Assassins has been fixed and now totals correctly for the loot. I've also made some updates to both the walkthrough and loothrough for that mission. Additionaly, I've added some notes to the Sword walkthrough/loothrough for those of you stuck with the original Thief: The Dark Project. If you're stil llooking for the ever elusive Thief: Gold try DealDealDeal which is claiming to have it in stock. I've placed an order (my copy of Thief: Gold went south a few months ago) so I'll post an update when or if it arrives.


Loothrough Bugs:
October 18th, 2002
   Discovered a few bugs in the loothroughs which I'll be working on fixing soon. The totals for Assassins and Escape don't seem to be accurate.


Thief:Gold Loothroughs Complete:
August 2nd, 2002
   After spending a month without DSL after a lightning strike blew up my modem, I'm finally online and chillin now that I have a nice air conidtioner for my "office". All loothroughs for Thief: Gold are posted. I think they're kinda sweet so check 'em out. Just remember, these loothroughs assume you are playing on the expert setting. Some missions have less loot when you play a lower difficulty.


More Loothroughs:
June 10th, 2002
   3 more loothroughs for Thief: Gold have been posted. So we have Assassins, Thieve's Guild, and The Sword covered. More to come.


Thief: Gold Loothrough?:
May 24th, 2002
   What's a loothrough you ask? Well, its like a walkthrough but also descibes how to get every piece of loot in the mission. Thankfully, some taffer has taken it upon himself to write one up for me using my walkthrough as a base. I've posted the first three missions from Thief: Gold so enjoy. If you can't tell that someone else has modified my walkthrough its because my writing "style" was sneaksie copsied as well.


Old News:
   If you're looking for Old News this is the spot.


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