Trail of Blood

Having followed the now-injured courier through the magic portal in the graveyard, Garret now finds himself in the land of the Pagans. Sadly, the Mechanists got there first and exacted a terrible price from them.

Now Garret must follow the trail of blood to it's conclusion and come face to face with an old adversary.

This mission is separated into two separate sections by a magic portal; the first being the Pagan village and the second is the new version of the Maw (bloody women! - leave 'em alone for five minutes and they'll redecorate)

Because of this separation, it was necessary to break things up into two piles of bodies and materiél.

In the pagan village we find:

In the Maw we find:

*Using several fire arrows I was able to move the courier's letter far enough away from his corpse that I was able to grab it and include it here. Sadly, the courier himself is immovable.

Here're the shots:

The pagans held a rummage sale every Saturday

Those greedy Apebeasts...
always wanting more, more, maw!

The Pagan village has a wealth of pre-loved corpses and a few meandering Mechanists.
There are:

The New Maw has no living humans, but quite a few wandering beasties:

The Pagans and Mechanists were all nice enough to
put aside their differences and moon the camera

Any one of these Apemen would make a fine rug

I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay

Now that we've tallied what's on offer here, it's time to get down to how to use and abuse it.