Before we start this instalment, we need to list another definition:

Frob: can be used as a noun or a verb. It basically means "use". If you frob a door, you open it; frobbing a light turns it on, frob a corpse, you pick it up.

And now, on with the show...

Trace the Courier

With Sheriff Truart dead, Garret has only one lead left to help him discover who wants him dead - the keychain left by the assassin who killed the Sheriff. As the keychain featured Lt Mosely's emblem, Garrett begins to carefully watch her, and that is where this mission begins; with Garrett following Mosely as she leaves the station before schedule and carrying a letter. Mosely eventually drops the letter (location varies depending upon the difficulty level), but it is soon picked up by a pagan.

This mission runs as two basic sections, follow Mosely and then follow the pagan. Mosely's section is rather basic, she's not very alert and you can make several mistakes without causing her to start searching for you; when she does start searching for you she won't do it for very long. This is the warm-up for the next round. The pagan is very alert and even a small misstep can set him off and cause the mission to fail. Once the pagan reaches his destination he gets a very nasty surprise and this segues into the next mission, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Well, we're back in the cityscape we first saw in Ambush, but with a few changes. For one, the portculli that blocked off the graveyard section are now open. For another, this time Garrett is not running for his life.

As before, there's really not that much stuff lying around. After all, you're supposed to follow hot on the heels of the courier, not go sightseeing.

Here's the list:

Here's the shot:

More stuff in the portal tomb

Though this mission might not have a cast of thousands, we do get:

The actual tally of AI in this mission is higher then that listed here as some AIs are teleported out of the mission when Mosely drops the letter.

Son of Hands across America!

Now that we know what we're dealing with, lets explore how we can deal with them.