Shipping and Receiving

Your aim in this mission is to pay the rent. Not exactly glamorous, but the game designers are still just warming you up. This mission is a lot larger than the first one and we get a special bonus - playing about on a ship. Yo, ho, ho.

Now, this is what you can collect during the mission:

* The silver gear is used to get into the musician, Blackheart's, studio. As that area nets you a Horn (of Quintus!), a flute and a music recording, it's worth using the gear - even though you can't get it back.

As you can only have so many objects in the one place before the Dark Engine has a fit, I've decided that I will split up the piles into Crates and Everything Else.

I had to paste in the image of the silver gear,
as once you use it you can't get it back.

Enough crates to block off a highway!

Of course, you can pick up other things in this mission aside from those I listed above.
What are they? Why, all the AIs.

There are:

* The Hammerite and one of the nobles have a conversation outside of Kilgor Weapon Smithing and then go inside. If you don't collect them before they go in, they will eventually disappear!

I decided to stack all the bodies in the storeroom of the troubled Gilver Exporting Company. That way everyone should be far too busy with all the bodies to ever notice the changed shipping label.

Now this may just be me, but has anyone else ever suspected that the rotting corpse you find on the smugglers' ship is, in fact, none other than (un)Lucky Selentura?

For some reason all those purple & yellow guards
lined up like that remind me of the 'Knights of the
Round Table' song from the Holy Grail.

Now that we have the formalities out of the way, let's get down to business.