Sabotage at Soulforge

Victoria is dead, sacrificing herself so that Karras' plans to destroy the world might be stopped. Garrett, having come too late to save her, must now navigate the huge open spaces and lethal traps of Soulforge cathedral and somehow find a way to make the Servants return there before Karras unleashes their deadly cargo of rust gas and wipes out all life.

Sabotage at Soulforge is the climax of the game, and its size and complexity reflect this. Soulforge cathedral is the size of a small town and, like a town, has its own population. Not a population of people mind you, but one of Mechanist creations. Wandering the lonely halls are a horde of the Children of Karras and a dozen Mechanists who have been turned into zombie-like slaves via the Precursor masks. It is a lifeless and soulless place (no pun intended), but beautiful in a Spartan way. Every room contains some new wonder, some new challenge and Garrett must weave his way through them all if he is to stop Karras.

Seeing as the Mechanists are known for their industrious activities and that Soulforge is the home of their order, it is not surprising that you can collect absolutely ludicrous amounts of stuff. This is the first mission where it has been necessary to break up the images of the collection into three separate images to prevent the Dark Engine from falling over and turning them invisible.

You can find:

The Soulforge super swag #1

The Soulforge super swag #2

The Soulforge super swag #3

In fact, due to certain unique aspects of this mission, the amount of assorted stuff you can collect is effectively infinite, but this will be covered in more detail in the Gameplay section.

Do you have the 'rock's to survive Soulforge?

With the Mechanist faithful sent away to the Eastport seminary, only Karras' Children roam the great halls. Some of the Mechanists did stay behind, but not of their own free will. Karras had turned them into pitiful Slaves using the masks garnered from the ruins of the Precursorís civilization.

Look carefully and you will be able to find:

And, of course,

* The screenshot below actually shows 42 CombatBot boilers. There are two boilers lying around at the start of the mission.

Soul Survivor

Sadly, two of the AIs couldn't make it for the group photo. The small Golden Child and Father Karras both said they had to stay home and wash their hair.

Come out and plaaaaaay