Running Interference

Your mission is basically to get Basso to his lady, Jenivere, and back out alive. You also need to collect some loot and a few scalps. This is very simple mission as it serves the same purpose as the Training mission in the first game of the series.

If you look very carefully in this mission, you'll even find a Bonus objective.

Now, this is what you can collect during the mission:

Now, the Dark Engine which powers the Thief series doesn't like it too much when you pile a whole bunch of stuff together. It makes some of the items turn invisible!
Because of this, I've broken up the screenshot of the pile into two separate images.

One way you can play Running Interference is as a minimalist. I.e.what is the minimum effort you need to expend so that Basso can retrieve his lady love from the gnarled clutches of Lady Rumford.

The best way at answer this question is, of course, via experiment. Using a saved game from the very start of the mission, various methods would be attempted to determine the minimum required effort to get an 'Objective complete' for Basso bringing his girlfriend out of the house alive.

First Attempt:Blow the birdwhistle at the start of the mission and let Basso do all the running around while Garrett waited outside twiddling his thumbs.

Result:0 Successes; 10 failures. Average time: 1min 10sec.

Basso Smackdown

Well, that was a pretty dismal failure. Upon inspection, it was found that the two guards in the guardroom with the reinforced glass window were the problem. When Basso ran past them, they would quickly chase him down and kill him.

You light up my life!

Second Attempt:Looked like Garret would have to get off his bum and do something after all. A water arrow into the torch outside the guardroom did the trick. Now Basso could walk past the guards without being spotted and getting himself killed.

Result:1 success; 9 failure. Average time of failure: 2min 45sec; time of success: 2min 40sec.

One success out of ten tries is better, but more work is obviously in order. At least Basso was lasting more than twice as long. Following Basso into the mansion, it was seen that he was able to pass the guardroom without any problems, he ran past the stationary archer in the hallway easily. In fact, Basso went past him so fast and into the darkness of the large storeroom that the archer rarely even went into full search mode.

However, there's another archer patrolling the corridor near Jenivere's room and while Basso was trying to pick the lock, the archer was sticking arrows into him.

Third Attempt:Douse the arrow in front of the guardroom and knock out the patrolling archer. It is necessary to run quickly past the stationary archer and through the kitchen to avoid the sword guard in his little alcove and to knock out the archer as he walks along. Otherwise Basso will find himself facing several alert and angry guards when he makes his way to his lady's door.

Result:9 success, 1 failure. Time of failure: 18min 50sec; average time of success: 2min 40sec.

Much better. I have no idea why it took Basso nearly 20 minutes to die but it was probably because he got stuck somewhere.

Here's my 'Eye of the Tiger' victory shot of Basso and Jenivere making their mad sprint to freedom:

Fly you fools!

So, all you really have to do to complete the main objective of this mission is use up one water arrow and KO one guard. Very simple.

But 'simple' isn't what you came here for though, is it?

Time to ramp things up a notch...