Precious Cargo

In Life of the Party, Garrett retrieved a set of blueprints and they have now lead him far away from the city. Markham's Isle is a huge, possibly volcanic, spire of rock which juts from the sea. In the centre, in what may have once been the hypothetical volcano's caldera, a tall lighthouse points towards the sky. Once a lighthouse keeper and his wife lived here, until the island was over run by pirates led by the infamous Captain Markham.

Now the pirates are long gone and the island has been overrun again - this time by Mechanists. And somewhere on the island is Brother Cavador, the key to unravelling Karras' plans.

This mission is a diamond amongst gems as what seems a simple enough task - kidnapping Cavador - soon becomes a trip through the islands history and a voyage into the creations of the Mechanists. Underwater bases, submarines and scubamen, ghosts and lost pirate treasure keep the player on their toes and never quite sure of what could be around the next bend.

Larger than it first appears, this mission puts a veritable trove of booty at the disposal of the dedicated thief.

There's a Yo ho ho, but no bottles of rum

Crates and rocks and rubble, oh my

As this is a secret Mechanist stronghold, the only people you will find here are Mechanists and their creations. However, to make things more interesting, there are a few new types to play with.

In the Navy...
(hands up who didn't see that coming)

The scuba Mechanists are, for the most part, the same as their land-lubber brethren (and sistren, of course) but the ones wearing scuba helmets pose more of a challenge than even the unKO-able guards. More on this in the next section.