Now that Gervaisius' mansion is mapped out and you know roughly what to expect, it's time to do it all again - but this time with feeling. Lord Bram Gervaisius is back from his holidays and has brought more than just his art collection with him. He's bought in more guards and several big, nasty CombatBots. In this mission, you need to find some of the precursor masks and read the correspondence between Karras and Lord G (if you haven't already). You can even go away with an artefact known as a cultivator.

In the previous mission, you should have found a way to the top floor (there are at least three basic routes) so getting back up there shouldn't be too hard. Now that the art collection is in the mansion, the security has been beefed up a good deal, but you can freely interact with the AIs to your heart's content. In other words - the blackjack is back.

With the mansion running at full capacity, as it were, there's more to see and do. And collect.


Bram's Bounty

Now that everyone is back from gallivanting around the countryside, the tally of AIs has increased dramatically. The maximum number of AIs you can now collect:

Family Reunion. Goodnight, John-Boy.