Garrett's underwater adventure comes to an end in a most unexpected place, the lost city of Karath Din. Last time he visited, it was a place of roaming fire elementals, burricks, craymen and Fire Mages. Now it is filled with Mechanists and their creations, but is no less deadly for its more mundane foes. The place has seen a few changes during Garrett's absence, but there are more than enough familiar sights to cause deja vu.

Your goals in this mission are simple - kidnap Brother Cavador and get him out of Karath Din. But, as always, things are easier said than done. The Mechanists and their security devices are out in force and many of the excavation sites are veritable fortresses.

With all its nooks and crannies, this mission has quite a large amount of items lying around.

Hi ho, hi ho

Karath Din bulk storage

When it comes to Mechanists, Karath Din crawls.

The KD extravaganza