Before we start this instalment, we need to list a few definitions:

Strafe jumping: Running while holding down one of the strafe keys will make you run at an angle - but it also makes you run a lot faster. Doing this and jumping makes you jump a good distance further. Very useful for bridging gaps you're not supposed too. Combined with a speed potion, it may not let you leap tall buildings in a single bound, but is good enough to qualify you for an Olympic event.

Orb Mantling: Requires more than one scouting orb in the inventory. Step up to a wall (for example) that is slightly too high to mantle over without assistance and select a scouting orb. As you can see from the screenshot below, this wall is a foot or so higher than a normal-sized doorway.

Drop the orb straight down - don't throw it! - and you'll see that it stops at chest height.
Get out of orb-view and jump twice (three or more jumps will often cause the orb to drop to the ground) or until you hear the gasping noise indicating that you are trying to mantle.
From the image below you can see that Garrett is now up in the air with the orb wedged firmly between his thighs (either that or he's developed a very nasty case of elephantitis of the testicles).

You normally won't be able to mantle straight onto the wall as the orb will be stopping you - though it can happen that you'll make it. Now, look straight down again and simultaneously pick up the orb and jump/mantle. You should not only be on top of the wall, you should have picked up the orb. The neat thing about this method is that you make it up there and without having lost anything from your inventory.

FYI - this is the only way I'm aware of to enter Shoalsgate without having to go through the sewers at the start of the mission (and without taking damage).

Also, it's not just scouting orbs that you can do this with - any object you can pick up that exhibits similar effects is just as good.

Orb mantling is equivalent to just over 1 crate in height

Orb Mantling in action

Ghost objects/building: Objects, buildings or otherwise in the game that, despite looking real enough, are actually the Thief equivalent of holograms. The masts on the smuggler's ship in Shipping, are a good example. So are most of the buildings you find outside the walls of a mission, or in other areas you're never supposed to go. They appear solid, but you can walk right through them.

We now return you to your regular programming...


In this mission you have to frame a high-ranking police officer by planting evidence against him. The catch being that you need to infiltrate all areas of an active police station without the alarm being sounded; and you're not allowed to kill or KO anyone.

This is the first mission where the objectives make you keep a low profile, a quasi-training mission for the upcoming Casing the Joint.

And here're the various things you can collect on your wanderings:

* These are the screwed-up pieces of paper.

As before, the crates are shown separate from the rest of the objects to prevent the Dark Engine from becoming overloaded and making them turn invisible.

Steal everything and then place it in the secure vault.
Oh, the irony

Not too many crates. But more
than enough to climb anywhere
in this mission

Despite being forbidden to knockout or kill anyone, it is still possible to get rid of all the guards and civilians in the mission and line their bodies up.

NB: The guard and civilians in the prison area cannot be collected as the doors they're behind cannot be opened.
There is also an immortal guard patrolling near the officers' lounge who cannot be harmed in any way - so I just got him to accompany me for a picture.

But you can collect:

Yet another blackmail shot, methinks

And now on to the specifics of what you can do, see and enjoy...