First City Bank and Trust

A deceptively straightforward mission, this one. Garrett needs to retrieve the recording of Father Karras' and Sheriff Truart's conversation from the previous mission so he can twist Truart's arm and find out who hired him to kill Garrett. But as the bank is a huge, rambling building with an embarrassment of tile floors, the now ubiquitous Mechanist security devices and a timedelay vault, this is no walk in the park.

The Bank follows the general theme of 'large building with wall around' but gives the player a wide choice of entry positions (more on this later). The guards are as tough and alert as police and the tile floors make almost any misstep a dangerous proposition.

Being a bank, there're a lot of items lying around ready for the player to pick up:

Metal goblets have been added to sandbags
on my list of "things I hate to lug around"

Many, many crates.
What more can I say?

Given that this is such a large mission, it's not surprising that there're quite a few AI wandering around the place.

The haul hall