Before we start this instalment, it would help if we briefly cover advanced crate stacking:

Crate Stairway: This technique was only recently discovered by Luthien and details on how to perform it can be found in the following threads:
Atop the lighthouse
The Floating Staircase of Crates How-To

And now, on with the show...


The plot thickens as Garrett gets a night-time visit from some old friends and pays a visit of his own to the new Mechanist order to try and get a lead on who is trying to kill him. Your main goal in this mission is to listen at a door and hear a conversation between Sheriff Truart and Father Karras.

This is a small mission, contrasting with the rambling expanse of cityscape of the last. It consists of only a small Mechanist cathedral that has been modified slightly from its days under the Hammers.

This small mission doesn't have that much stuff available to play with (sadly, the Mechanists don't appear to have the same love of alcohol as the Hammers as there is not a single bottle of cheap wine to be found).

But we do have the following:

Due to the dearth of objects in the mission, I padded it out a bit from the loadout screen - gotta spend that money on something!

Flares are coming back in style - better stock up

Use the crates to relive your
childhood and make a little fort

This mission is lightly populated, but given its small size seems a bit crowded at first glance. On second glance, however, we see:

With a chapel as its main feature, it seemed appropriate to collect all the people there.

Father Karras can send even the most
faithful to sleep with his sermons