Casing the Joint

The kidnapped Brother Cavador reveals his mission was to find thirty masks and an equal number of 'cultivators' and deliver them to Karras post-haste. Still not knowing what these devices are for (apart from turning people into slaves), but suspecting a connection between them, Garrett and Victoria decide that they should get their hands on a sample of each. Fortunately, Garrett knows a collector of rare antiquities named Bram Gervaisius and Victoria's spies tell her that he will shortly be holding an exhibition containing the very items they need.

But the security at Gervaisius' house is very tight and the third floor, where the exhibited masks are to be shown, is so difficult to gain access to, that Garrett decides to have a look around before the Lord returns from his summer home in the country. Time is running out and Garrett knows he cannot afford to waste any of it once Gervaisius arrives.

As you are only scouting the place in this mission, it is important that no one knows what you're doing or that you were ever there. If they do, all your work will be for naught as they would probably change their security arrangements and increase the guard. Because of this, if any guard or servant sees you, or you (directly) attack anyone, then all your work will be for nothing and the mission will fail.

With its master away, the mansion is running on a skeleton staff and most of the household goods are stored away or at Gervasius' summer home. This leaves very little for the conscientious thief to steal.

All you can find are:

Why 'case' when you can collect?

With the small Summer staff at the mansion, the task of remaining unseen is somewhat easier than it would be in a more populated mission and, with a bit of finesse, you can get every one of them to pose for a picture - despite the 'don't get into any confrontations with the locals' objectives. See the Playing with the AI section for details on how to collect all the AIs.

All up, there is a paltry:

In Thief, even the impossible is possible