With the recording of Sheriff Truart's conversation in hand, this mission sees Garret breaking into the Truart Estate with the intention of confronting the Sheriff to find out who wants our antihero dead. Of course, it's not that simple in practice. The estate is crowded with police of all sorts and even a guest or two recovering from the Sheriff’s party earlier that evening..

Again, this is your basic 'building with a wall around' style mission, but is broken up into several sections with small guest houses to explore at the start of the mission and a secret graveyard to the South that gives up a hidden objective later in the mission.

The estate has quite a bit of stuff lying around which can come in useful later if you decide to get off the beaten track.

You can find:

* NB: You cannot keep multiple copies of the gears in your inventory. If you have a gear of one type in your inventory and pick up another of the same type you will still only have one. This happens with the Metal gears if you try to pick up a second one and the Bronze and Golden gears will merge together as well.

Ordinarily this isn't a problem as you use up the gears to get from one floor to another. But if you climb up the outside of the mansion via the balconies, you don't need to use the gears and will experience this when you try to pick up a second gear.

The Truart Collection

Not too many crates.
But enough for climbing

As Truart has given a party, there are a few people wandering around the mission and more than a few police guarding the place.

Feeling blue