Before we start this instalment, we need to list another definition:

Crate Equivalents: The humble crate is the grist of the climber's mill. It is the most versatile and often the most easily obtained of all the objects you can use to make stacks with. As such, all stacks are defined in this series using standard crate heights.
A stack of two crates and three potions or two crates and one scouting orb is equivalent to three crates. Thus all stacks, when listed here, will be referred to solely by their crate equivalents.

And now, on with the show...


This mission starts with Garrett having been ambushed by a group of police in the Crippled Burrick pub. The player needs to return home and thence to Shalebridge. There is no loadout screen, but you start with more than enough equipment to make this mission a walk in the park or, as the case may be, a walk in the city.

This is the first 'city' mission. You get to explore the highways and byways of Garrett's city and home. You will be seeing this mission later in the game so it's a wise move to take note of your surroundings while you're not rushed.

For a city, there's not that much you get to play with in this mission. Here's the list:

I chose a very special location for this screenshot, but more on that later.

Behold! The loot from an entire city.

And we cannot forget all the little people who made this mission possible:

And what better place to put all these bodies than in a cemetery?

Haaaaaaaaands across America!

With the formalities out of the way, let's us now turn our attention to the mission itself and what we can do there.